Enderal:Bertulus the Ripper

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Bertulus the Ripper
(Ref ID: 00119ECB)
Race - Gender Male
Path Pathless Job -
Essential No Form ID 0011A49D
Location Rock Shelter
EN-npc-Bertulus the Ripper.png
Level 10 Health 100
Magicka 69 Stamina 70
“We will rebuild it!”
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"The pathless one Bertulus the Ripper is wanted for glimmerdust trafficking and sacrilege. He seems to be able to hold his drink, is a wild mage and is most likely hiding in the wild mages' hideout in the Heartland. He is said to be extremely dangerous so proceed with caution. I have to kill him for his bounty."

Bertulus the Ripper is the first contract the player acquires during the quest Wanted in Ark


Wanted in Ark

Pickpocketed Items