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Brenol Chopper
(Ref ID: 000B5550)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path Manufacturer Job Butcher, Merchant
Essential No Form ID 000B5549
Location Ark's Marketplace, Meat Market
EN-NPC-Brenol Chopper.png
Level 30 Health 292
Magicka 195 Stamina 98

Brenol Chopper is a butcher and merchant living and working at the Meat Market in Ark's Marketplace. While his family relations are not clear, it can be deduced that he is married to Bura Chopper and has a daughter, Brennie Chopper.


Brenol wakes up at 8 AM and goes to work in his shop until 8 PM, when he goes to The Dancing Nomad to relax. At midnight he goes back home to sleep.

Pickpocketed Items


Vendor Money: 350 Pennies

  • 3x Roasted Poultry Meat
  • 5x Goat Meat
  • 8x Salmon Meat
  • 12x Poultry Meat
  • 12x Pheasant Meat
  • 12x Venison
  • 13x Beef
  • 22x Salt