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(Ref ID: 0008599A)
Race Half Aeterna Gender Male
Path - Job Apothecarius
Essential Yes Form ID 000440DE
Location Old Dam Lookout
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50
Finn standing next to the now dead Carbos

Carbos is an Apothecarius who is seen gathering herbs at Three Rivers, Sun Coast with his brother, Finn. The Prophet encounters him during their conversation with Finn. He appears on some stairs leading up to the Old Dam Lookout. The moment he spots The Prophet, Carbos draws his sword and approaches the camp, indirectly calling them a bandit accomplice. After being scolded by Finn about it, he calms down a little bit, picks up his lute and starts playing a song. He does so until bandits shoot and kill him. Carbos is first to spot the bandits that later destroy the campsite, and also the first killed by them.


Carbos on stairs leading to Old Dam Lookout

He is quite unfriendly and, despite being Half Aeterna, almost xenophobic. He also likes to be in charge, which The Prophet experiences during their short visit to the apothecarii' camp.



  • Despite being marked as essential, he dies alongside Finn during the bandit attack.
  • His and Finn's badges can be taken to Torius Flameling in the Sun Temple in exchange for pennies.
  • He cannot be pickpocketed.