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Castle Ad'Balor
Castle Ad'Balor

Rabid Fox, Ice Elemental, Mud Elemental, Wild Mage, Highwayman, Butterfly, Gildaumier the Mad One


Heartlands, east of Thur, west of Old Rashengrad

Console Cells

FortAdBalorL1, FortAdBalorL2, FortAdBalorL3

Castle Ad'Balor is an imposing and complex castle, with multiple traps waiting for any reckless adventurer to step upon them and join the ranks of skeletons scattered around this underground stronghold. There are no guardians of the castle in the exterior area apart from a stray Rabid Fox.

Items Found

  • Holly
  • Chest
  • Adept Book Elementarism
  • Ad'Balor Ruin Key
  • Plate
  • Wooden Bowl
  • Empty Wine Bottle
  • Chair
  • Mug
  • Adept Book Two-Handed
  • Old Book from Ad'Balor
  • Bucket
  • Drum
  • Note
  • Bed
  • Chain
  • Lever
  • Gildaumier's Key

Boss Loot:

  • Adept Book Entropy
  • Cold Glance of the Ratcatchers (Set Item)
  • Ectoplasm
  • Endralean Penny Coins 4x
  • Fine Leather Boots
  • Nimbus of the Mysterious Nomad (Set Item)
  • Petty Soul Gem (Filled)
  • Robe of the Inner Flame
  • Spellbook:Magelight (Rank II)
  • Staff of Fire Wrath


The Banqueting Hall

Ad'Balor Ruin Key

When inside the previously magnificent Banqueting Hall, you will be attacked by elemental creatures, such as an Ice Elemental and a Mud Elemental. Once splendid and frequented by nobility, elaborate spiderwebs dreadfully adorning almost every corner of the castle dungeons speak of disuse and negligence. Exploring the rooms, you will notice that one of the doors is locked with a key. The Ad'Balor Ruin Key to the second area, Ruins, is in an ice cave on the very same level. It seems a skeleton in the river is still trying to reach out for the key on the frozen ground. Pick up the key and open the door to Ad'Balor Ruins.


Level 1

The Mage's Room

When you finally obtain the key in the Banqueting Hall, you can unlock the doors to Ad'Balor Ruins. Taking a few steps further into the dungeons, you will find yourself in a spacious room with a huge chandelier, emanating its bright light. Do not, however, drop your guard, since in other tunnels you will have to evade a large number of bear traps. If you make it to a small room guarded by a Wild Mage, examine the walls in this very room because there is a lever on one of the walls. Pulling the lever opens a hidden entrance to Castle Ad'Balor, Ruins(level 2).There is also an alternate entrance to the level 2 ruins. You do not need to pull the lever in the Mage's room, simply follow the other tunnel until you reach a trap room with lots of pendulum axes. In order to open the gate at the end of the trap room it is indispensable to pull the chain on a wall in the very middle of the axes. Thus you may enter Ad'Balor, Ruins level 2.

Level 2

Level 2 of the Ruins is quite straightforward and it is enough to follow the main path to reach the gate to Ad'Balor Depths. However, there are still two other passages to the previous level, and one of them leads to the Mage's room again. There is no key, lever, or chain required to open the doors to the last level, the depths.


The Floor Puzzle Squares
The Key Outside

Upon entering the first chamber in the Depths you will overhear a conversation between some arcanists who will mention an outlaw named Crocco. Dispose of the mages and explore the area, as there is finally a bed on which you can recover your strength. Delving deeper into the depths you will come across a skeleton holding a Note, just in front of the Puzzle room, which can also be called a trap room since every piece of the floor puzzle can trigger a deadly trap. Follow the instructions written by Gildaumier to survive the traps and gain access to the next room. In order to proceed in the dungeon step on the square floor puzzle as follows:

  • middle square (1 step)
  • step forward (1 step)
  • move to the left (2 steps)
  • move straight (2 steps)
  • jump onto the middle step
  • jump to the right-end step
  • move forward (3 steps)
  • go left (2 steps)
  • go forward (2 steps)

After the puzzle room you will face the master of the castle himself, Gildaumier the Mad One. Having slaughtered the undead, examine the room and pull the lever that is next to the throne. The lever opens the gate behind the throne room. Yet it is still impossible to exit the castle, as the exit door to Heartlands is locked with a key. Inspect the room behind the boss room and search the Massive Chest for Gildaumier's Key, and now you will finally be able to exit the dungeon.


  • The beds in the room with the mage don't have an option to sleep on them.