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Castle Bleakstar
Castle Bleakstar

Lost Ones, lvl 30 Phasmalist Guardian,


Central Dark Valley

Castle Bleakstar is a large dungeon in central Dark Valley. This castle is the a location for the quest Our Mark on this World. The castle is currently being occupied by Lost Ones and Conjured Guardians. In the past, this castle was the location of where the massacre of the rebels happened during the Blood Moon Riots. Even further into the past, it is said that an old lord of the castle was performing experiments on the undead and now the castle is haunted.

Items Found

  • Mystical Symbol in the area marked Library.
  • Ice Claw
  • (Set of the Fallen) Echo of the Fallen
  • (Set of the Nemesis) Nemesis Gauntlets
  • soul of Kilana Hammerblow
  • Ring (Fragment)'
  • Staff of Ice Storms




To reach Castle Bleakstar cross a brige to the west. There will be Lost Ones on the path to this bridge and the rest of the way to the castle. The castle will be locked if you are not on the quest Our Mark on this World. If you are on the quest then Esme will attempt to unlock the door, but a Phasmalist Guardian will appear and you have to take it out.


Entering the castle, you will immediately have a vision about the quest. Continuing through the overgrown halls, you will come across another Phasmalist Guardian. You will then approach a large chamber with a stream flowing through it. This is the Central Room of the dungeon. To the right (East) is a locked gate; East Gate. Forward (North) will also lead to a second locked gate; North Gate. Go left (West) to find another Phasmalist Guardian and an area with a well. You will have another vision. After the vision ends, this will open the right pathway (East Gate) back in the central room (The area to continue the Quest).

After the vision, pull the lever on the back wall. This will open the forward pathway (North Gate) back in the central room, where the second gate is. This room has some great loot. First off, there is a Ring (Fragment) for the quest Home of the Forsaken, a (Set of the Fallen) Echo of the Fallen, and a Staff of Ice Storms, along with another chest.

Return to the Central Room with the Statue. The right (East) passage leads to a ritual area where you have a long vision for the Quest. On the enchantment table there is a (Set of the Nemesis) Nemesis Gauntlets. The Strongbox has a map, which is your next quest objective. Showing Esme this will prompt her to teleport away and she tells you to do the same. She will offer you a Teleport to Ark scroll if you do not have one.

DO NOT TELEPORT AWAY! Search the other rooms in the dungeon, if you haven't already. The first is the library, which is a side passage immediately to the left (further East within the East area) of where you are. There is a Mystical Symbol, a Massive Chest, and some other good loot. There is also a hidden hallway (South Library area), which can be accessed by interacting with a lever in a collapsed doorway left from the entrance of the library (North-West Library area, with the rubble and shelves on the right wall), with an Ice claw inside.

Finally, if you return to the start of the west passage to the well, there is a short passage to your left (Further west). At then end of this is the soul of Kilana Hammerblow.