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Enderal's class system has three distinct classes ... Rogue, Warrior and Mage. Within each class, there are three related disciplines. The skill trees of Enderal consist of memories and talents you can unlock as you earn memory points.


Rogue Warrior Mage
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The rogue memories contain the disciplines Infiltrator, Vagrant and Trickster. They teach the skillful usage of bow and arrow, the art of assassination and stealth, as well as the usage of poisons and gases to confuse and weaken your foes.


The memories of the Infiltrator improve your skill in sneaking, your rhetorics and your pickpocketing.


The memories of the Vagrant teach you in the usage of poisons, potions and light armor.


The memories of the Trickster combine the effective use of a bow with lockpicking.


The warrior memories contain the disciplines Vandal, Keeper and Blade Dancer. They allow the effective usage of light and heavy armor, techniques for one or two-handed weapons, as well as parry. They can also strengthen your body and increase your vitality.


The memories of the Vandal improve your handling of two-handed weapons.


The memories of the Keeper improve the effect of defensive techniques like blocking or heavy armor, as well as everything that raises your resistance in battle.

Blade Dancer

The memories of the Blade Dancer improve your skill in using one or two one-handed weapons.


The mage memories contain the disciplines Elementalist, Thaumaturge and Sinistrope. Apart from allowing the usage of spells and mana-regeneration, they teach you how to unleash the elements upon your enemies, control your mana flow and use illusion to your advantage, as well as wielding the powerful and dangerous light and shadow magic.


The memories of the Elementalist improve the use of elemental magic.


The memories of the Thaumaturge enhance your light and mental magic.


The memories of the Sinistrope teach you the usage of psionics and entropy.


(Forgotten Stories) The memories of the Phasmalist allow you to construct ghostly companions from the souls of dead people by using your knowledge in enchanting.


Some of the disciplines share special affinities. From level 19+ on, the two disciplines with the highest number of AND a minimum of 10 Memory Points invested into each of their Memory Trees will unlock a special class, granting bonuses to some of your stats and skills, as well as certain special effects. Only one special class can be active at a time, and putting more Memory Points into a third discipline can change the active special class.

Note: Although Talents appear in Memory Trees, they do NOT count towards the minimum 10 invested Memory Points required for a special class.

Disciplines Affinity
Elementalist / Thaumaturge / Sinistrope Arcane Archer
Boosts Archery, Elementalism and Light Magic.
An arrow fired during the effect of "Eye of the Storm" will be followed up by a Spectral Arrow which briefly paralyzes the target.
Blade Dancer Assassin
Boosts Stealth, One-Handed.
You move much more quietly and gain an additional 10% chance for critical hits.
Keeper Dark Keeper
Boosts HP, Heavy Armor, Entropy.
Successfully using "Devour Soul" will briefly increase your damage.
Blade Dancer Blade Master
Boosts HP, Stamina, One-Handed, Two-Handed.
Permanently increases your melee damage.
Elementalist Battlemage
Boosts HP, Mana, Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Elementalism.
Killing an enemy with "Shock Nova" briefly increases the damage of your spells and weapons by 8%. Stacks 3x.
Vandal / Keeper
Blade Dancer Blade Breaker
Boosts HP, One-Handed, Carry Capacity.
Your hits will decrease the damage resistance of your enemies.
Sinistrope Shadow Dancer
Boosts Sneak, Entropy, and Psionics.
Enemies you kill while marked with "Ghostwalk" will rise as your minions to fight for you.
Elementalist Black Mage
Boosts Mana, Elementalism, Entropy.
"Shock Nova" will absorb some of the HP and Mana of your enemies.
Thaumaturge Seraph
Raises each of Light Magic, Heavy Armor and Blocking by 6 points.
Raises both Health and Mana by 35 points.
Keeper / Vandal
Phasmalist Spectral Warrior
Increase 1-hand and 2-hand weapon damage by 6. Increase entropy by 7.
Your stances now apply to the speed and damage of your apparition.
Keeper / Vandal
Phasmalist Ritualist
Boosts Mana, Enchanting, Entropy. Apparitions get stronger while you have a creature summoned.
Trickster Well-Travelled One
Boosts Stamina, Light Armor, Archery.
Every "Fire Arrow" you fire will cause an additional small explosion.