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Race - Gender Male
Path - Job -
Essential During his quest. Form ID -
Location Whispering Forest
Level - Health -
Magicka - Stamina -
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Your prattling. I don't want to hear it. Just shove off.

— DunwarPart of Something Momentous, Part II

Dunwar is a devoted novice of The Order and last member of his clan. He undergoes the initiation trial with The Prophet and Calia Sakaresh.

The Trial

This country is going downhill and you are living proof of it.

— DunwarPart of Something Momentous, Part II

During the trial Dunwar is very rude to both The Prophet and Calia, since they are both Pathless, and therefore wouldn't be allowed to become Keepers under normal circumstances. He views the mere fact that they were there in the first place as a sign of The Order's decadence and corruption. When confronted with the truth behind the Light-Born's death, he challenges Signet Leader Jorek Bartarr, accusing him of lying. He drinks the Strange Potion with The Prophet and Calia but never wakes up, signifying that he failed the trial.


Part of Something Momentous, Part II

Pickpocketed Items

Cannot be pickpocketed