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Erica Braveblood
(Ref ID: 000BEDBF)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Erudite Job Curator
Essential No Form ID 000BEDC3
Location Lateral View in Ark
EN-NPC-Erika Braveblood.jpg
Level 20 Health 208
Magicka 145 Stamina 82

Erica Braveblood is the owner and curator of the Gallery in the South Quarter of Ark, but can also be seen wandering around the Marketplace. She is married to Erwyn Barveblood. If the Prophet approaches her, she will invite them to visit her gallery, thus starting the quest "A Touching Effigy". She is concerned about her mother, Andrasta Braveblood, who has not contacted her daughter in quite some time. Erica is worried not only because Andrasta is her mother, but also because the paintings she creates are the main source of income for the Gallery. Her mother lives in the Dark Valley region of Enderal. After visiting Andrasta, the Prophet discovers her true nature: she is a serial killer and considers herself a vigilante. This encounter can end in two ways: the Prophet can either kill Andrasta, or let her live. The outcome of this encounter will greatly influence the Prophet's relationship with Erica (for details, see "A Touching Effigy"). Upon returning to Ark, the Prophet can, if Andrasta is dead, tell Erica the truth and be treated like an enemy, or lie. If Andrasta is left alive, Erica will treat the Prophet as a friend. After completing the quest, every interaction between her and the Prophet will stop.


Erica, as a member of middle class citizens, is trying to make art much more available to the common man in Ark, not only because she thinks that such "backwater" like Enderal needs more institutions like the Gallery, but also because she can't afford to make her exhibitions exclusive. She even accepts and promotes "awful" work, like pictures made by the "Poet" from Upper City. She is extremely trusting and optimistic about her mother, so much so, that she will accuse the Prophet of lying if they decide to eliminate Erica for her murders.


Erica Braveblood can be pickopocketed, and her inventory contains the following items:

  • Date (ingredient)
  • Empty Wine Bottle
  • 35 Endralean Penny Coins
  • Gallery Key
  • Goblet
  • Vynroot


  • She can help the Prophet advance in the quest "Strange Horizons" by giving 1 knowledge point if asked about the Dark Valley.
  • Erica was voiced by Kristyn Mass.