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Bring Back my Novice!- Magister Ragon
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Quest Giver: Magister Ragon
Location(s): Sun Temple, Ark, Chronicum, Ark,Cemetery
Rewards: 150 Pennies
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Very Easy


  • Ascertain what depresses magister Ragon
  • Find the missing novice Elia in Ark and persuade her to return to the Temple
  • Tell Magister Ragon about the return of the novice

Journal Entries

After talking with Ragon
Magister Ragon misses his assistant, the novice Elia. According to him she wasn't seen in the Temple since the last two days and most likely walks around in the Nobles or the Barrack Quarters. If I can find her and send her back to him he will reward me.
After talking with Elia
The novice Elia mourns her sister Gidea - she was a victim of magister Yero's rampage. I gave it my all to calm her and she will now return to the Temple.


The Chronicum in Sun Temple

Ark, Sun Temple

Start the Quest

This quest will begin automatically once you hear Magister Ragon's dialogue on the Sun Temple's Chronicum.

Talk to Magister Ragon

Talk to him to learn more about the quest. Magister Ragon will explain that Elia was assigned to translate some Pyrean tomes for him, but she has been neglecting her duty and proven unreliable. Magister Ragon openly accuses her of cavorting and havng fun elsewhere instead of attending to her tasks. As he himself is too busy to search for the wayward girl, he asks for any help he can get.

Ark, Cemetery

Elia mourning her sister.
Elia telling her Story

Find Elia

The easiest and fastes way to find Elia is by taking advantage of one of the Signposts in Ark. Search for a Signpost and teleport yourself to Ark,Cemetery in Ark, Military Barracks. Once you are at the cemetery, you will notice a young woman,Elia, kneeling at a grave.

Speak to Elia

Inform Elia that you act on Magister Ragon's behalf. Elia will confess that the grave that she had come to visit belongs to her sister, Gidea, who died in an accident related to the Red Madness with Magister Yero.

Elia will continue that her sister, who was a Novice, was romantically involved with a boy on a Manufactuter's Path, which means that neither the parents nor the Order approved of this relationship. Spurred and entranced by some charming bard's songs, Gidea was determined to leave Ark and go travelling around the world with the beloved by her side. But she, Elia, put an end to these plans and sharply rebuked her sister for being disobedient and disrepectful of her duty to the Order and family. Afterwards, Gidea decided to anbandon her previous plans and stayed in Ark, where she was killed.

Elia now takes the blame for her sister's death and feels guilty for her premature death. But for Elia's advice and rebuke, her sister would have lived happily with her beloved somewhere in Duneville. Elia finally acknowledges her sister's death and promises to attend to her duties in the Sun Temple.

Ark, Sun Temple

Go back to Magister Ragon in Chronicum. Impart the information about Elia to him and assure the Magister that Elia will return to her duties soon. The Magister will be pleased and will reward you with some money.

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