Enderal:Every Day Like the Last, Part VI

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The Surprise for The Prophet
Every Day Like the Last, Part VI
Prerequisite Quest: Forgotten Homeland, Part III
“We will rebuild it!”
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  • Meet Jespar in the Foreign Quarters in the evening, before the STarling map is decrypted.

Journal Entries

Jespar wants to spend some more time with me before we start our expedition into the City of a Thousand Floods - he said that I should meet him in the Foreign Quarters in the evening.


This quest will begin automatically along with For the Greater Good. Approach Jespar in the Foreing Quarters and he will ask you to follow him to the Dancing Nomad. Once you arrive, a traveling band is playing a concert in the main hall, Jespar will ask you to join him in one of the rooms as he's got a surprise for you. Once you enter the room, he'll mention he's got a book for you and ask you to read it. It's a series of letters related to Roth, a cartographer who was ridiculed for wishing to explore beyond the known world, into a new continent. Jespar then tells you that a letter arrived to Kile recently, confirming that Roth's expedition into the new world was a success. The reason why he tells you this is that there is a new expedition being prepared to follow Roth's footsteps and he's interested in joining it alongside you. He then says he would never have thought of sharing his future with another person, but is glad for it. You two then have an intimate moment and the quest ends.