Enderal:Fifth Letter of the Kor

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(Once again you find a correspondence. You recognize the handwriting - it is from Rukas and sister Deyna)

“I have to talk to you, Rukas.”

“What is it? I’m occupied.”

“Rukas, I… I cannot stand it any longer. All this here, it… it is too much.”

“… It is about Sullyres, isn’t it? What did he do today?”

“He hurt her, damn it! He hit her with a slam in the face!”

“She deserves it.”

“… What?”

“She deserves it! Didn’t you hear what she was about to do? She wanted to betray us, Deyna, betray us!”

“This is just not true! She wanted to go because she feels bad. And she said she wanted to come back again!”

“Which she did not intend to do. And even if so, she is not allowed to go. This, Deyna, is our home. Kor led us here and leaving the island would mean to spit on his love! Actually, this twat should count herself lucky that Sullyres left it for a few hits!”

“… How can you write something like that?”

“What? Twat? It’s pretty simple, you see? We should tattoo it onto her forehead and maybe the next time she thinks an arm’s length farther before trampling our believe under foot in such manner.”

“What is it? Are you reduced to silence?”

“You’re scaring me, Rukas.”

“Do I? Maybe better so. We surely don’t that you get into mischief like Korrie, do we?”

“This island is a gift, Deyna. Kor led us her, that we can live a life far away from the claws of the demiurge. And now you better act on my advice and shout your heretical yap. I do not want to be forced to use means like Sullyres but believe me - I will do if necessary.”