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Frostcliff Tavern
Frostcliff Tavern
Frostcliff Tavern

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To the east of Frostcrystal Lake
To the west of Fogwind Watch

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Frostcliff Tavern is located in the Frostcliff Mountains near the Frostcliff Myrad Tower. The tavern can be used as a place to sleep and stock up on consumables, and is also a key location for multiple quests. You can talk to the innkeeper to buy food items or pay 10 Endralean Pennies to rent a room for a night. There are also two gambling tables, a hearth, a secure chest, and a wood chopping block you can make use of. The tavern is run by the Windrunner family.


Frostcliff Mountains

The tavern is set in a snow biome, next to a frozen pond and a wooded area home to some Peakdashers. It's also right next to a Myrad Tower, which makes traveling here easy. Frostcliff is a remote and high level area, though the tavern is in a safe spot and you won't encounter any enemies immediately outside of the tavern.



At the front of the tavern, there is a secure chest where you can store their items. In the back, there is a small shack and a wood chopping block you can use to gather wood. There are two entrances to the tavern: one in the front and one in the back.


The tavern's bottom floor is split into 2 levels. There are stairs leading up to a second floor where the rooms are located.


Level 1

At the lowest level, you'll find two gambling tables where you can bet your Pennies and play against an NPC. This is the level you will start at when entering the tavern from the front.

Level 2

On this level you'll find the innkeeper, Astrid Windrunner. You can buy consumables from her or ask to rent a room. The hearth is located in the kitchen behind the bar.

Level 3

There are three rooms here, one of which you can rent. The back entrance to the tavern is on this level.


Some of the tavern's occupants enter and exit the tavern throughout the day. This list includes all occupants found inside and immediately outside of the tavern.

Unique Occupants

Windrunner Family


Generic Occupants

Items Found

  • Jewelry Box (Adept)
  • 3x Chest (unlocked)
  • Silver Garnet Rings
  • Endralean Crusty Bread
  • Grilled Leek
  • Ark Doppelbock
  • Wine
  • Various clutter and consumables



Frostcliff Tavern Map