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Gabrielle Emberlord
(Ref ID: 000A1DF7)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Erudite Job Arcanist Merchant
Essential Yes Form ID 000A1A2C
Location Ark's Noble Quarters, Emberlord and Fireflash
EN-NPC-Gabrielle Emberlord.png
Level 10 Health 300
Magicka 200 Stamina 50

Gabrielle Emberlord is an arcanist merchant owner of Emberlord and Fireflash, where she also works at. She has a son, Merrel Emberlord.


After the return of Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal, arcanists have preferred to get their wares on The Holy Order's specialized merchants at the Sun Temple, which made Gabrielle's store see a reduced flux of clients. Her brother-in-law Doril saw a lecture from a merchant in Kilé, where the merchant said one has to do something to "stand out from the crowd". As such, Gabrielle started rhyming during her transactions, to attract new clients.


Gabrielle wakes up at 8 AM and goes to work on her store. At 8 PM she stops working to eat until 10 PM, when she goes to sleep.

Pickpocketed Items

  • Scroll of Candle Light (Cheap)
  • Scroll of Chain lightning (Cheap)
  • Key of Gabriele's [sic] Warehouse
  • Fire Salts
  • Peaceweed
  • Spell Tome: Chain Lightning (Rank I)
  • 20 Pennies


Vendor Money: 1800 Pennies


  • Old Robe
  • Raddled Robes
  • Defence Robe
  • Raddled Robe
  • Circlet of Magic Wind
  • Gold Ruby Circlet
  • Copper Onyx Circlet
  • Silver Sapphire Circlet
  • Copper Moonstone Circlet
  • Magic-imbued Robe


  • Staff of Grounding
  • Staff of Healing
  • Staff of Fire Wrath
  • Staff of Frostbite
  • Staff of Magelight


  • Health Potion (Rancid)
  • Morning Air Potion (Rancid)
  • Health Potion (Cheap)
  • 2x Cure Disease Potion
  • 3x Mana Potion (Cheap)
  • 4x Mana Potion (Rancid)
  • 8x Ambrosia

Teleport Scrolls

  • Scroll: Teleport to Northwind Camp
  • Scroll: Teleport to Frostcliff Tavern
  • 4x Scroll: Teleport to the Farmers Coast
  • 4x Scroll: Teleport to Duneville
  • 4x Scroll: Teleport to Riverville
  • 4x Scroll: Teleport to the Heartland's Border
  • 4x Scroll: Teleport to the Northern Heartland
  • 4x Scroll: Teleport to Fogville
  • 8x Scroll: Teleport to Ark

Spell Scrolls

  • Scroll of Ondusi's Key (Expert)

Spell Tomes

  • Spell Tome: Life Absorption (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Ice Spike (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Equilibrium (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Grounding (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Firebolt (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Flame Bite (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Ice Breath (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Blazing Spark (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Summon Ghostly Wolf (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Divine Shield (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Clairvoyance
  • Spell Tome: Magelight (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Magical Ward (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Circle of Protection (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Summon Sword (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Soul Trap (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Mark
  • Spell Tome: Recall
  • Spell Tome: Boon (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Death Breath (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Blessing of Life(Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Fire Ball (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Frostwind (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Chain Lightning (Rank I)
  • Spell Tome: Telekinesis

Skill Books

  • 5x Adept Book Psionics
  • 25x Apprentice Book Alchemy
  • 25x Adept Book Alchemy
  • 25x Expert Book Alchemy
  • 25x Apprentice Book Enchanting
  • 25x Adept Book Enchanting
  • 25x Expert Book Enchanting
  • 25x Apprentice Book Mentalism
  • 25x Adept Book Mentalism
  • 25x Expert Book Mentalism
  • 25x Master Book Mentalism
  • 25x Apprentice Book Entropy
  • 25x Adept Book Entropy
  • 25x Expert Book Entropy
  • 25x Master Book Entropy
  • 25x Apprentice Book Elementarism
  • 25x Adept Book Elementarism
  • 25x Expert Book Elementarism
  • 25x Master Book Elementarism
  • 25x Apprentice Book Psionics
  • 25x Adept Book Psionics
  • 25x Expert Book Psionics
  • 25x Master Book Psionics
  • 25x Apprentice Book Light Magic
  • 25x Adept Book Light Magic
  • 25x Expert Book Light Magic
  • 25x Master Book Light Magic


  • 2x Fire Salts
  • 2x Mana Salt
  • 3x Frost Salts
  • 3x Ghost Wrapping
  • 3x Void Salts
  • 5x Ectoplasm
  • 10x Salt

Soul Gems

  • 2x Lesser Soul Gem (Filled)
  • 2x Petty Soul Gem (Filled)
  • 4x Lesser Soul Gem
  • 4x Petty Soul Gem


  • Powder Barrel

Leveled Items

  • Up to 3 leveled mage items
  • Up to 30 leveled potions
  • Up to 200 leveled spell tomes