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Note: This article is about the position inside The Holy Order. For the current Grandmaster, see Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal.

The Grandmaster is the leader and commander of The Holy Order. The position was first established by Malphas with Dagis as the first Grandmaster, assisted by his mother, Selna, the first Truchessa. This event is detailed in the Verse LXXVII of The Path. The position of Grandmaster stands on the Fourth Signet, the highest level of the hierarchy within The Order, sharing this position only with the Truchessa. The Grandmaster has total control over The Holy Order and its troops, and is revered as a religious leader overshadowed only by Malphas himself.

It is unknown if the position of Grandmaster must always be occupied by a man. The only two known Grandmasters, Dagis and Tealor Arantheal, are men, and although no restriction exists in Malphas' original definition of the position as written in The Path, a later book, The Holy Order, refers to the Grandmaster solely as "he".

A Grandmaster is able to choose their successor before they leave their position, usually from a high-ranked and trusted Keeper.