Enderal:Journal of the Trading Post at the Mountain Pass

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Journal of the Trading Post at the Mountain Pass
led by Lirron Manes, commander of the Holy Order
20th day of Departure, 8201 after Starfall

By decree of Truchessa Dal'Veram, all trading posts of the country will be enforced by a further guardian of the Order during the absence of the Grandmaster. It is forbidden for merchants of non-Enderalaean descent, to travel in groups across the country. Henceforth, they are obligated to travel the paths between ports and trading posts separately and straightforwardly, in company of a guardian of the Order. Before receiving their goods at the trading posts, the contents of all containers will be checked. Travelling alchemists of the Order are authorized to take samples of natural produce any time as well as annalists and arcanists of the Order are authorized to examine any document for subversive or magic content.

5th day of the Hunger Days, 8202 after Starfall

As from now, at the Truchessa's behest, any trading activity with other continents is limited to minimum and moreover to the port districts of Ark and Duneville. The trading post at the mountain pass, like all other trading posts in the midland, has to be liquidates within one moon. Stored goods of domestic merchants will be handed over to them. The property of goods left on commission by non-Endralean merchants passes to the Holy Order, if not claimed within this time and the goods will be brought to the depots of Ark, provided that they are of reasonable value. All other goods and the furnishings have to be left behind at the trading posts and the entrances have to be sealed.

8th day of the Golden Moon, 8205 after Starfall

Commander Manes visited the trading post in company of three guardians of the Order and two prosepctors to investigate deposits of raw materials. The post was found broke open and looted. Two pathless ones, who set up camp in the building, were resettled to Ark, Undercity. From the cellar rooms the prospectors were able to trace iron deposits under the mountain.

17th day of the First Harvest, 8205 after Starfall

Under surveillance of commander Manes the former trading post will be converted for the extraction of iron ore using labor from the Undercity and from now on will be listed as Rock Mist mine. One part of the extracted ore will be transshipped to Riverville, three parts to Ark.

2nd day of Groundbreaking, 8224 after Starfall

After the main tunnel collapsed, the Rock Mist mine will be abandoned. Only the most valuable or most needed items will be taken from the mine. Surviving miners will be relocated to the tar pitch cavern at Ark. Commander Manes will be honorably retired, provided that the apothecarii of the Order will be able to heal his injuries.