Enderal:Lethonia - Myth or Reality?

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  • Ark, The Dancing Nomad
Lethonia — Myth or Reality?
Letters and scriptures by Dinaêl Roth
gathered by Ibn Shri'Amgash
Fragmentary transcript of a speech at the Garamseh-Scuola. Al'Rashim, dated approximately 8214-8216 a. St.

Roth: “No, this is wrong. There were barely any serious attempts at disclosure for decades, nay, centuries.

(A pupil raises his hand. He is granted the freedom to speak.)

Pupil: “Why not though? Should not the gods in particular take great interest in finding that … Lethonia, if it exists?”

Roth: “It exists. And concerning your question: There are multiple reasons for this. The first reason is the danger of an expedition. One would travel for several moons, mayhaps even years. Of course these dangers of navigation would persist beyond the frontiers of the known world.

(A pupil in the first rows speaks.)

Pupil: Skaragg. That is what you are talking of, isn't it, master?”

Roth: “Skaragg, the vultures From Arktwend and these are only those we know of. And certainly the sea itself … However these are merely the superficial reasons. The true matter is, that the discovery of a new continent would contradict the teachings of the Light-Born. It would prove, that even they are fallible.”

(Disturbed, partially resentful muttering fills the hall.)

Letter by Dinaêl Roth for a unknown friend, dated approximately 8225 a. St.

Dear Milbert,

I appreciate your solicitudes, however let us be honest: What choice do I have? I can be satisfied, that the order of gods has not imprisoned me. The cartographers and scholars mock and discredit me and even though I know they do that partially fearing I could anger the Light-Born … it still affects me. I have expected many hurdles, but never have I presumed one would not want to discover Lethonia.

And yet imagine what this would imply! Undiscovered cultures, outlandish creatures, landscapes you only know from legends … a new world.

So please realize, that I will not just “drop it”, as you have stated. This is not a choice — it is destiny.

Your friend,

Letter by a stranger for Dinaêl Roth, dated approximately 8230 a. St.

Meyser Roth,

It pleases me, that Tamira was able to keep her promise. A ship should be available for you on the 6th of this year's Hunger Days, if everything proceeds according to the plan. Please recruit your crew in the meantime and choose wisely. You will require everything: skilled seamen, blacksmiths, lumberjacks, healer and scholars, even women and children. Provisions and equipment — weaponry as well — will be taken care of, so you can concentrate entirely on the mission.

My wife calls me a fool for trusting you, Meyser Roth. She calls it a squander of our wealth and predicts your failure.

I believe in you.