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Black Stones — an essay
Written by Lexil Merrâyil, Archmagister of the Holy Order

(On the following pages Lexil illustrates the origin and myth of the Black Stones as well as various speculations about them. You can see a total of three bookmarks inside the tome)

(First bookmark)

[…] and so the question remains, if the quarrels in the lineage of the Dal'Geyss are ultimately not to be also blamed on the Black Stone. It is certain that Jiro Dal'Geyss, whose fascination for rare materials was commonly known, bought the stone from a pedlar from Qyra for a sixpence, presumably without being aware of what it actually was. In addition it is known that Jiros descendant, Ketaron Dal'Geyss — which the business of his noble house made one of the most mighty men of all Enderal —, despite his evident misanthropic character traits had and has a certain fondness for tradition and cherishes his father's collection of stones like life itself. If someone had to make assumptions on the whereabouts of the Black Stones on Enderal, it would be well-advised to seek an audience with Dal'Geyss himself. […]

(Second bookmark)

[…] to this day one of the Black Stones remains in possession of the Endralean noble house Dal'Varek, even though today it is almost utterly obliterated, excluding two offspring. It is debatable where the Black Stone is currently located, just as debatable as to if the Dal'Varek even knew about the nature of this relic. […] A starting point would be the estate of the family, although it has been completely burned down during a tragic accident three decades ago.

(Third bookmark)

[…] it is known that the order of the apothecarii was at one point in possession of a stone, however searching for more detailed clues is in vain. The apothecarii claim persistently it was “lost”, yet knowing what to make of this is of course questionable.