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Lishari Peghast
(Ref ID: 0032E20)
Race - Gender Female
Path - Job -
Essential Yes Form ID -
Location Sun Temple
EN-NPC-Lishari Peghast.png
Level - Health -
Magicka - Stamina -
“We will rebuild it!”
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Lishari Peghast is a Nehrimese mage working for The Order in Enderal, under Constantine Firespark's orders. She is originally from Ostian.


Lishari's father was an Ostian sailor. One day, he and his comrades managed to raid a Skaragg ship, where he met and fell in love with Lishari's mother. As such, despite her appearance being almost completely Skaragg, she was born and raised Ostian.

Her family managed to become very wealthy, and her father wanted Lishari's brother to inherit the business, which put a great pressure on his shoulders. Unfortunately, he was never good at dealing with money and businesses, and the pressure from his father eventually made him join the holy order of warriors. There, he was killed during a battle. These events created a very strong anti-religion attitude in Lishari, who views such orders as mere exploiters of the weak and lost.

Her family was able to flee Ostian to Nehrim before it was too late, where she presumably met and joined Firespark's mage order.