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The following page or section is still a stub and is incomplete.

Rogue tree:

Shadow of the Wind: This memory unlocks all rogue disciplines for you. Your Stamina regeneration is boosted by 20 percent and you receive the talent "Shadow of the Wind" which lets you move more silently for a short period of time and raises your critical hit chance.

Rogue Branches:

Infilrtrator: memories of the "Infiltrator" improve your skill in skeaking, your rhetorics and your pickpocketing.

Vagrant: memories of the "Vagrant" teach you in usage of poisons, potions and light armor.

Trickster: memories of the "Trickster" combines the effective use of a bow with lockpicking.

Mage tree:

Focus: This memory unlock all mage disciplines for you. You also receive a permanently boosted Mana regeneration as well as the talent "Focus" which lowers the mana costs for all spells by 33 perceny for a short period of time.

Mage Branches

Elementalist: memories of the "Elementalist" improve the use of elemental magic.

Thaumaturge: memories of the "Thaumaturge" enhance your light and mental magic.

Sinistrope: memories of the "Sinistrope" teach you the usage of psionics and entropy.

Warrior tree:

Tempest: this memory unlocks all warrior disciplines for you. It also reduces the weight of heavy armor by 10 percent and grants you the talent "Tempest" which raises your weapon damage for a short time.

Warrior Branches

Vandal: memories of the "Vandal" improve your handling of two-handed weapons.

Keeper: memories of the "Keeper" improve the effect of defensive techniques like blocking or heavy armor,as well as everything that raises your resistance in battle.

Blade Dancer: memories of the "Blade Dancer" improve your skill in using one or two one-handed weapons.