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Mendelus Pennypouches
(Ref ID: 000B5593)
Race Endralean Gender Male
Path Job Quartermaster
Essential Yes Form ID 000B5592
Location Golden Sickle's Trading Post
EN-NPC-Mendelus Pennypouches.png
Level 80 Health 708
Magicka 445 Stamina 182

But I guess that's just how the world works. Business is business.

— Mendelus PennypouchesThe Shortcut

Mendelus Pennypouches is the quartermaster of the Golden Sickle. He has been infected with the Red Madness, which causes him to puppeteer the events of the Golden Sickle questline.


Human scum, driven by greed, selfishness, and hatred. That is what all of those so-called “merchants” really are, what they hide behind their shiny, shiny smiles.

— Mendelus PennypouchesScorpion and Lion

In order to keep his façade, Mendelus shows a very different personality from the one he really is. He appears to be a very pragmatic and business-oriented person, who puts financial motives above feelings or sympathy, even getting angry at The Prophet if they choose to help the farmer instead of simply shutting down his farm during The Long Way to the Top. In reality, however, he despises the very type of person he makes himself to be: The sly, greedy merchant who cares about no one but themselves. He despises the way merchants everywhere ignore and stomp on people to get their way, and, perhaps in the crazy state induced by his Red Madness, uses any method possible to end them.

The Plan

All I did was throw a piece of meat into the arena… The rest was done by the wolves, namely the Golden Sickle and the Blue Islands Coalition.

— Mendelus PennypouchesScorpion and Lion

After learning about the exchange for the Green Scarabeus between the Golden Sickle and the Blue Islands Coalition, Mendelus, driven by the Red Madness, put his plan into action. He hired the Petrified to attack the caravan carrying the idol, and stole it. He then pretended to be an “insider” to both the Sickle and the Coalition and claimed that the other party had intentionally attacked the caravan to pin the blame on them, in order to keep both the money and the idol. After The Prophet chose a faction to side with, he used his connections on the Golden Sickle to kidnap Maél Dal'Loran and plant evidence on the Petrified's hideout that confirmed that whichever party The Prophet didn't side with really hired the Petrified.

During The Prophet's visit to Dijaam Onêlys's cell, Mendelus used magic to spawn a pouch with the key to Dijaam's shackles and an invitation pamphlet that urged both The Prophet and Dijaam to come to the Perpetuum Theater. There, he placed Maél, unconscious and shackled, and the Green Scarabeus, waiting for the final two actors. After knocking Dijaam unconscious, he revealed his plan to The Prophet: Making it seem like Maél and Dijaam had killed each other on the Theater because of the idol, in order to shock the world with the merchants' greed and finally take both of them down. Before he could kill Dijaam and Maél, however, The Prophet killed him and his hired Petrified allies, putting an end to his plans.

Past Plans

During his final plan reveal at the theater, Mendelus utters an interesting phrase: “I had hoped things would turn out differently this time, I really did… But I suppose I was too naive. Again.”. Given that he is infected with the Red Madness, this can mean a few things:

  • Mendelus has masterminded other plans and taken down other merchant guilds in the past, during his lifetime, which means:
    • He has been infected with the Red Madness from the start OR
    • He has always had a hatred for merchants, and the Red Madness infection only made his latest plan more vicious OR
  • The High Ones, speaking through Mendelus, have put the same plan in motion in past cycles