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Mirella Godshand
(Ref ID: a1e1b)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Erudite Job Alchemist
Essential Yes Form ID 75462
Location "Mirella's Miraculous Mixtures" in Noble Quarter in Ark
EN-NPC-Mirella Godshand.jpeg
Level 20 Health 208
Magicka 145 Stamina 82


Mirella Godshand is an alchemist, and an owner of the "Mirella's Miraculous Mixtures" alchemy shop in the Noble Quarter of Ark. Her son is named Rukas, one of the members of a "pathless" cult called "the Brotherhood of the Kor". The Prophet's first encounter with her is in her shop, during a conversation between her and one of the Keepers. Eavesdropping on conversation can give some information about her problem. When approached and asked about it, she will tell the Prophet what she thinks about The Holy Order and its activities today, and won't trust the Prophet immediately, but if they choose to pursue conversation with her, she will start the quest "The Brotherhood of the Kor". She asks the Prophet to investigate a so-called "Island of Kor", where her son is supposed to be, together with other cultists. The Prophet will discover that her son was driven mad by a mysterious entity and committed suicide. After returning to Mirella, two options will be presented: to tell her the truth, or to lie and tell her that the cult decided to cross the Red Sea. Both options will yield the same rewards (see "Brotherhood of the Kor"). After the quest is finished, she will act as any other merchant.

Cenversation between Mirella Godshand and a Keeper


Mirella Godshand is an example of a "path-abiding citizen" and is contrast to "Upper City snob" stereotype, but after her son left his Path and joined the aforementioned cult, she started feeling disdain towards the Holy Order, since they refused to do anything about the cult's influence on the youth. This all can be heard in a conversation between her and a Keeper. She will also express her opinion during the dialogue with the Prophet. She won't (like some other NPCs) bash the Prophet after hearing the "bad news", but will reward them no matter what option was chosen.


She can be pickpocketed, and her inventory contains the following items:

  • 25 Endralean Penny Coins
  • Fine Clothes
  • Health Potion (Standard)
  • Key of Mirella's Miraculous Mixtures
  • Morning Air Potion (Cheap)
  • Morning Air Potion (Standard)

Her shop is also full of ingredients, books and food items laying around, but stealing them can be difficult, because she will follow the Prophet if they decide to go upstairs.