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Natara Dal'Veram
(Ref ID: 000CE143)
Race Endralean Gender Female
Path Erudite Job Truchessa
Essential Yes Form ID 00019062
Location Ark, Sun Temple
EN-NPC-Natara Dal'Veram.png
Level 1 Health 50
Magicka 50 Stamina 50

The Cycle! Listening to you talk almost makes me forget that all this fuss here is merely based on some bad dreams you and your Nehrimese friends had.

— Natara Dal'VeramPart of Something Momentous, Part I

Natara Dal'Veram is the current Truchessa of The Holy Order. Unlike most other keepers, Natara wasn't born on the Sublime path, and instead earned her position through hard work and devotion to The Order. She actively fights against the Grandmaster's actions, and eventually sides with Taranor Coarek in order to stop Tealor from breaking The Order.


Oh, right, the "Beacon". If it's activated, we'll simply glow the Red Madness away, won't we?

— Natara Dal'VeramPart of Something Momentous, Part IV

Natara managed to reach the top of The Order's ranks through her devotion and hard work, rather than being born into it like most others. As such, she is extremely attached to The Order and its traditions, going against any kind of change or subversion of protocol. She fears that Tealor's recent actions may completely undermine what The Order stands for.

Natara loathes The Prophet and their position as a Keeper inside The Order, citing that they know less than what even a Novice is required to know to enter The Order in the first place. She is openly against the presence of the Pathless nehrimese mages in the Sun Temple, the center of The Order, given that they actively fought and killed the Light-Born not long ago.

Natara believes that The Cycle, The High Ones, and everything related to them are nothing more than ancient Pyrean superstitions that Tealor gives way too much attention to. To her, they are nothing more than an excuse used to break The Order's traditions.

Treason and Death

A truce, she… she offered him the city, if he would promise not to harm anyone.

— A traitor, revealing Natara's plan during For the Greater Good

After having all her protests ignored and watching the Grandmaster systematically undermine every tradition in The Holy Order, Natara decided to take matters into her own hands and contacted Taranor Coarek. Coarek, having already attempted to take over Ark once and failed, was now on a feverish crusade against Enderal and The Holy Order, killing any Endralean on sight. Natara offered him a truce: She would open the gates of Ark for Taranor, and, in exchange, Taranor would take over the city with no bloodshed, ending the unnecessary slaughter of civilians.

Taranor initially agreed. However, once the gates of Ark were open, he broke his promise, killed Natara, and started slaughtering everyone in the city. This eventually lead to Tealor's desperate decision of lighting the Beacon without a Numinos, initiating The Cleansing.



  • Natara has the Ghost flag, which means she will not take any damage from any source.