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This page contains all small books with name of 'Note'. (Also see: Enderal:Letters or Enderal:Papers)

Name EditorName FormID EN-Cost.png EN-Weight.png Locations Content
Note _00E_AdBalorNote2 0005D568 0 0.10
  • Castle Ad'Balor, Depths
The middle is all beginning and all ending. Two times it steps forward,

two times it steps to the left, stumbles two straight forward and now faces from the middle to the horror. Now it stumbles to the right end, while holding its bloody hands, falls exactly three steps forward, then two to the left and two forward again.

~ Gildaumier

Scribbled Note _00E_AlteGrenzwachtZettel 0003FB95 0 0.10
  • Old Borderwatch
Take care that no stranger can disturb the feast! If somebody managed to circumvent the traps, shoot them from up here!
Note _00E_AltMiskamuhrNote 00128B76 0 0.10 Search for the 3 levers which open the gates - but watch out for the traps! Meet me in the Undercity when you have found what I am searching for. And don't tell anybody hereof!


Scribbled Note _00E_Ark_NQ_Kor_CrazyMantra 00070717 0 0.10
  • Isle of the Kor, Parish Hall
Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow Freedom is born from sorrow
Note to Silon _00E_Ark_NQ07_BarrierNote 0002F7A8 0 0.10
  • Vyn - Enderal (0, 0) @ Z: 1545.228394

if you read this - and I desperately hope this is the case, because it would mean you have regained your senses - it means, that Kor has already called upon us to come to join into his arms. The barrier shall prevent the beasts from Duneville to destroy our holy place, but on the amulets of both our dead sisters you can find the holy words. Please, Silon ... Come to us. Kors love is still in you, in every part of your body, head to toe, every bone and your heart. I simply can feel it. And his last embrace will be glorious.

Note _00E_BauernkuesteKlippenNote 00128CCC 0 0.10 I will be the first human bound by a rope to jump down from a cliff, touch the cool water elegantly with the head of my hair and then soar up like a bird once more...
Scribbled Note _00E_BekritzelterZettel 00021802 0 0.10
Note _00E_Braunfelsenstollen 0013F2F5 0 0.10
  • Brownrock Cave
If you are here to pillage this mine you are too late! There is nothing remaining anymore! We have cleared everything as we fled!

If you value your life, avoid this gallery and flee from this place!

Note _00E_DalMaraksGruftNote 00128C09 0 0.10
  • Princess Dal Marak's Grave
My beloved, my dear. Too soon you departed my life. Rest here and await me. I will follow you.
Exhibition Notes _00E_GallerieAusstellung 0009B6CD 1 0.00
  • Ark - Lateral View
Observe in this room:

Phenomenal works created by a Nehrimese wandering artist and brought to Enderal by Maximus Bananasplitus!

Note _00E_HerbstkuesteLetter 0014921B 0 0.00
  • Vyn - Enderal (-1, 20) @ Z: 968.232422
We should deliberate our location. -Ever since those pirates started using the coast as a hideout (because they can safely avoid the northern coast of Enderal from here), the Steel Crabs send more and more expeditionary vessels this way.

If it comes to the worst, they might think us in league with the pirates if they find us here.

Notes _00E_KehlsteinbruchNotiz 001296B8 5 1.00
  • Throatstone Manufactory, Mine
At the next full moon we will transport the shipment through the old port of Fogville. Like that, and

we should be gone before the Steel Crabs come back.

I have the apprehension that the weird ruine, we have discovered, will rather draw their interest. Reputedly, they have been exploring places like that for some time now, even if they don't allow trespassing them ... I instructed the men and women to avoid the ruine.

The ruin is strange. It's almost as if something living would watch us.

Note Regarding the Excavation _00E_MQ03Note 00032E11 0 0.00
  • Old Rashêngrad
Magistra Yaela,

I do understand your scepticism, but we are on the right track. This Skaragg mage - and no, this is not meant to relativise her questionable world view - has found undeniable coherences between these Dylgar stones and the Grandmaster's theories. Should she be right, she could be our only chance to get something like magical protection. On that note: Grandmaster Arantheal knows what he's doing. Loathe as I am to admit it, his son's mages have been nothing but helpful thus far.


Lexil's Notes _00E_MQ11_LexDocuments 00088CE4 2 0.00 See Enderal:Lexil's_Notes
Note from the Corpse at the Harbor _00E_MQ11b_TargetABook 0010A862 0 0.00 (In scrawly handwriting)

Hereby I, captain Yaanul Ooroi, confess my sins.

For decades, I have captured men and women on all of Vyns continents, selling them as cargo to the highest bidder. 462 men, 561 women and 210 children all owe me a life in slavery. I do not remember their names.

Now the time of my punishment has come - and I am grateful for the bone judge's verdict. I will hang crucified over a bath of acid, its etching bubbles burning the skin of my body. No one will hear my cries and my death will be a lonely one - no more, and no less than I deserve.

Yaanul Ooroi, slaver

(In a different handwriting): For my brother in arms:

K__c__ k__c__ __'_ _h___? __me _n _l__e_ __ o___ _u _ar_.

Note from the Corpse in the Sewers _00E_MQ11b_TargetBBook 0010A863 0 0.00 Hereby I, Elaria Barberdaughter, confess my sins.

Yearlong I murdered for money, going by the name of the "black widow". Man or woman, old or young, it made no difference - I was never prosecuted for my crimes, as I always knew how to escape justice. I am a despicable creature, without sense, without compassion; a dead woman living whose very existence is not allowed to be fact.

Now the time of my punishment has come - and I am grateful for the bone judge, who carries out my verdict. I will endure in this metal cage, without food or drink, until hunger and thirst consume both body and soul. No one will hear my cries, just as no one heard those souls whose lives I ruined.

Elaria Barberdaughter, Murderess

(In a different handwriting): For my brother in arms:

_no___ _no___ wh___ t_er__ C___ i_ a__n_, i_ _n__ y__ d____

Note from the Corpse at the Farmers Coast _00E_MQ11b_TargetCBook 0010A866 0 0.00 (The lines were written by a trembling hand)

Hereby I, Boreo Oatbash, confess my sins.

Driven by my greed, I abducted children from the Undercity for years and locked them up within this cellar. I abused them, tormented them, and eventually sold them to the highest bidder.

(Here the font becomes shakier. On the parchment, dried blood is recognizable.)

Now the time of my punishment has come - and I thank the bone judge who will carry out the sentence. Enchained, I will be forced to watch as a pack of rats devours me alive. My screams will be heard no more than the ones of those souls whose lives I ruined here.

Boreo Oatbash, child trafficker and murderer.

(In a different handwriting): For my brother in arms:

____k, ____k, __o_s ____e_ _o__ __ __o___ _f __ly _o_ ___e_

Note _00E_MQ11bBoreoNotiz 0010A865 0 0.10
  • Old Granary
Honestly, old man, I don't get what all the fuss is about - I need a storage, your attic is almost empty

and I would pay you a goddamn 15 pennies per week. Isn't that enough? You act like you've got the jewels of the golden queen in your attic.

Come on, give it a try.

PS: And regarding your rat problem: You have to find out, where those critters come from! Maybe from some holes in the walls. When you've found them, put a big stone in front of it or block in any other way, that should take care of it.

Scribbled Note _00E_MQP01_ShrineNote 000372D6 0 0.00
  • Home, Sweet Home (20, -6) @ Z: 345.643494
Oh Lord, oh Maker,

I can hear You calling. I feel Your love, I know about Your sacrifice. Without You, I am nothing, a twig on the currents of time, a sheep without shepherd. Free me from my vices and forgive me my trespasses. Forgive too my wife and my child, Deliver me from my pains And bless us with Your everlasting mercy.

Notes _00E_NoteKlarwassermine 00014C2D 0 0.00 This must have been the old Glacier Mine. Many years ago, when the pass was a glacier, these tunnels were dug underneath in order to mine the gems that had been created by the pressure of the ice. Even today a subsurface layer of ice melts into in the mine, so that a large part is flooded and in danger of collapsing. Caution is advised ...
Yellowed Note _00E_NotizblattWaldRuinNote1 0009031E 1 0.00
  • Crosspath
  • Monastery Westgard
Here we sing to honor the dead. May they live on in our voices for all of eternity. We are the liable

carriers of an inhuman burden. What once was, shall sink in the sound of chaos, the old order lie before our feet in shambles. We will stride across mountains of humans and know no mercy.

Note _00E_NotizPiratenzuflucht 0004C442 0 0.10
  • Cabin in the Refuge
Esteemed Coldrak,

I request, that we immediatly send men, to move the looted goods from the shelter. - This old ore adit may be an ideal hiding place for the ship, which we use for the assaults on the merchant ships heading to Ark. However, the hide-out is rather noticeable due to the placed lorry tracks. If the Steel Crabs get wind of it, we can't secure the goods anymore!

Paynote _00E_NQ_G_03_Paycheck 00139D95 0 0.00 Paynote of the Golden Sickle.

The payment is to be paid to the carrier of this note.

- Mendelus Pennypouches

Old Note _00E_NQ09_OldNote 000C3F80 0 0.00 Day and night it stands there

sublime, proud, full of power
giving blessings in times of need
on our Path until we die.

Note to the Finder _00E_NQ09BekritzelterZettel 0012E20C 0 0.10 Dear finder,

If you read this, it means, that you have found my legacy. Whoever you are, take it and use it for a meaningful purpose. I emphazise it again, meaningful - for no value in the world I will leave my hard-earned money to my daughter and her idiotic scheming.

B. Leklerk

Note _00E_NQ18MaxNotiz01 0012E198 0 0.10 Walk blessed, Max Niceblood. According to our agreement, as a show of gratitude we will grant you shelter in our barn near Ark.

Once winter breaks, you can find shelter in "Arks Last Watch" near the Farmers Coast. It is an abandoned ourtpost of the Holy Order, erected to defend the Mountain Pass against intruders from Thalgard. The Order has not used it in years.

Family H.

Magical Note _00E_NQ40_Page02 00073364 0 0.10
  • Old Soltyris, Doors
Those who want the treasure must be smart. Mark my words: You can't return once you've started. Solve three tricky riddles in the chambers of this complex, and the tresure will be yours.

First riddle:

"Eastward incessantly"

Second riddle:

"Touch the one who watches the sky"

Thrid riddle:

"Those who proceed without hesitation will find the light"

Delivery Note _00E_Pulverklippe_LieferscheinA 00153655 0 0.10
  • Vyn - Enderal (22, -12) @ Z: 1648.671265
Shipment for 2 tons of gunpowder to: the Holy Order, to be delivered at the habour of Ark.
Delivery Note _00E_Pulverklippe_LieferscheinB 00153657 0 0.10
  • Vyn - Enderal (22, -12) @ Z: 1648.750366
  • Vyn - Enderal (23, -13) @ Z: 54.369404
Shipment for 1 ton of gunpowder to: The Golden Sickle, to be delivered to the office of The Golden Sickle
Note _00E_Pulverklippe_NotizA 000211AB 0 0.10
  • Vyn - Enderal (24, -12) @ Z: 3443.747559
Last night I witnessed how Megran got plastered and then carried barrels from the beach to the fallen tower.

I've always said that something is wrong with the guy.

Scribbled Note I _00E_SchlimmerwasserspalteNote01 00102D1F 0 0.10
  • Glintwater Crevice
One pound? I'm sitting here and try to understand, if I should understand the contents of this bag aspitiable or ridiculing. One pound!! A bunch of Glimmercap dust-addicted beggars could dig up more with their bare hands from the Whisperwood! I really hope you have a matching explanation for this crap.


Scribbled Note II _00E_SchlimmerwasserspalteNote02 00102D20 0 0.10
  • Glintwater Crevice
I thank you for the touching description of your families troubles. Sadly I'm not interested in them. What I am interested in, is how you think you will solve this unfortunate situation to your - our! - favour. You know as much as me, who will be the target of Fathers' wrath, if we don't deliver.


Scribbled Note III _00E_SchlimmerwasserspalteNote03 00102D21 0 0.10
  • Glintwater Crevice
Fifteen years. Fifteen years, Zenras. And now this.

Was it greed? If so, I would have put more knowingness past you, at least to camouflage your smuggler. The Father will know of your peculation. And in his eyes your failing will likewise be mine. But I don't think of dying in the tar pit. Tell your minions to sharpen their weapons. And be prepared, even if it is useless. We will hit you, when you expect it the least.

Sha'Rim Rhalâta.

H. Z.

Scribbled Note _00E_ShimmeringCoveNote 00079F42 0 0.10
  • Shimmering Grove
I left you poor boys from the mine a little strengthening, in case that the nights again are harsh and long.

Portion it good.

Important Note _00E_StingerNote 00015AD0 0 0.00 Please handle with greatest care. Deliver to Ketron D'Arasi in Nembrest.
Note _00E_TharielNote 00039C38 0 0.00 I am afraid I have no use for you.
Note _00E_ValstaagNote1 00052E2F 0 0.10
  • Fogville, Town Hall
  • Ruins of Dal'Valstaag, Atrium
The boss won't be pleased, when he hears that we want to burn all those books here. However, the little warmth would be a welcome change in these damn damp walls! In his opinion, we already have enough education and knowledge lying around us and that we don't have to bring more upstairs from the basement. But down there it will warm noone! A few men supposedly started reading and began thinking about their so far life as tramps.
Note _00E_ValstaagNote4 00052FE6 0 0.10
  • Dal'Valstaag Ruins, Cabinet
I will have to report again soon, the last one should have happened 3 months ago. These boneheads of tramps! I will dumb down under their command. Their nimrod of a leader "Grupub" even complains about some of his men, who have picked up and read books. I found some special engraved coins down in the dungeon, I really would like to know for wha......

TRAITOR! Even this dagger is too good for you. Your luck, that it is too deep in your ugly throat now!

Note _00E_ValstaagNote5 00055768 0 0.10
  • Dal'Valstaag Ruins, Vault
And keep me Haskar's lover willing and well bedded! Dead and tied up in a sack she's only half her worth. If you find a peculiar coin with her, immediatly hand it to me.

--Grupub the Bonebreaker

Note _00E_WaldAdventurerCamp1 000B11DD 0 0.10
  • Vyn - Enderal (-20, 11) @ Z: 913.544250
The first few days in these cursed forests seemed to be more peaceful than the rumors had me expect. Where are the pathless ones everyone talks about? The bodies of those that died in battle? A certain depressing atmosphere, however, is undeniable. To know that once on this soil there had been such injustice, and now to walk along the graves on this ancient graveyard... It pains my mind when I go to sleep at night.

My investigations, however, bore interesting fruits. The cave near my camp, which possibly served as a food depot for the Bloodmoon Rebels, houses a much older, apparently undiscovered complex of ruins. Maybe there the last ritual ground can be found. How exciting!

Tomorrow I will promptly start the exploration of these buried and forgotten halls. I could trace the magic spell to the deserted cloister very close by. If I get to visit all ritual sites the gates could open up by chance. What will await me beyond? What's the purpose of this ancient building?

Soon I will know.