Enderal:Old Book from Ad'Balor

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  • Castle Ad'Balor, Depths

(You read the last opened page. No gust or other extraneous influence was able to flip the page, as the rest of the book is being held together by a bloody rigor.)

We have retreated from the lower levels. It is steadily approaching. We are an order of healers, not warriors. None of us wants to face the terror from the darkness, which has spread in the depths of Ad'Balor. We do not know what it is or which of the cave's chambers it occupies. Maybe it is uncertainty itself, having turned away from anything which is good. Even our studied brother Gildaumier is unable to explain it — instead he's driveling about a Red Madness.

It seems the stone and the earth surrounding our halls have turned against us. The walls are tumbling in! Dreadful, eerie light is pouring in, a light which cannot be from this world. It came crawling from the depths! Anywhere it shines, it freezes to ice. Gildaumier told us there was no light and that we are responsible for it. Maybe he has fallen ill himself? Is he crazy as well, such as all of us?

I am late. The meeting regarding the escape of our order has probably already begun. Shall I leave all the recipes, all the insight we managed to write down and above all the excellent extracts from our mushroom gardens, which were able close any wound of every adventurer, without any regard to oblivion? According to brother Gildaumier it is necessary, since the greatest horror had arisen … We have not received any response from our brethren on the upper levels, but instead we heard a disgusting and sickening munching. So we are surrounded — by madmen above and below.

We have to give up our bastion. We have to take flight, or I'll become like Gildaumier and all the others.