Enderal:Ostian - Capital of Nehrim's Southrealm

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A mild summer evening, when being accompanied by the chirping of insects, is the most pleasant time to walk the sandy path to Ostian, lined by palm and leaf trees. In this region mostly hot temperatures prevail, although the weather can be moody at times. Then it covers the coast within a few hours in dense, damp fog.

As capital of the Southrealm is Ostian not only through its location, in Nehrim's most southern bay, of strategic importance. In close proximity to the canal that enters the sea gate, Ostian provides one of the trading hubs for the whole continent. Generally, the architecture of the city is adapted to the differences in altitude in the region. The most spectacular buildings are the big lighthouse, enthroned on its bastion, as well as the ostentatious residence of the temple. The unfinished lighthouse protrudes like a monolith above the roofs of the city. Up until now, it could not fulfill its function, as its construction has faltered in the last years. Designed by Nehrim's master builder Nishab Valori, it is supposed to ensure with its light that many trading ships find their safe way into the waiting arms of the city.

Below the protective walls of the bastion are the residential areas. Characteristics of the style of the simple buildings are the material, primarily wood, and their encapsulated disposition. For non experts the numerous footbridges and passageways connecting the houses can quickly dwindle into a maze. Inside the cliffs that encircle the structures are storage caves, long ago established by the city's residents, that keep supplies enjoyable for a decent amount of time. The waterfront, being worth a visit especially during sunset, offers a good view onto the bay opening to the wide ocean. Despite its unquestionable charm, Ostian also has dark, less picturesque parts. The working class quarter in the east is abandoned. Here, buildings string together that without maintenance slowly go to rack. Not only at night is this area better to be avoided, as it is unclear what lowlifes have nested within the houses. Another place that can transform in the right light into an eerie site are the old stone pits, not too far from the the working class quarter.

Towards the north it becomes however more bustling again. The market attracts many residents of the city, as the square with its chapel is key element to the life in Ostian. During the evening, the hustle and bustle shifts usually into a tavern, as for example the “Sinful Enclave” in which the folks tipple and booze until late into the night. The probably most exciting site of the city might be the arena. In here, reckless valiants proof themselves in battles of life and dead. There are even fights, in which participants have to ward off wolves and other wild predators. As reward for their efforts, victorious combatants receive a handsome amount of gold.

In regard to religion, the influence of the cult of the “Creator” is imprinting the beliefs of Ostian's residents. The temple, in possession of the complete political authority over the city and the whole Southrealm, enforces his judgment with an iron hand. Numerous shrines, soaring stone pillars, at their feet bloodstained sacrificial cups, have been erected in and around the city. They draw the attention of curious visitors and religious pilgrims likewise. Despite all their passion for exploration, travelers should never forget prudence, which is also in Ostian an attentive wayfarer's best companion. The carefree idyll of this place is elusive.