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Race Starling Gender Female
Path - Job
Essential Form ID
Level Health
Magicka Stamina
“We will rebuild it!”
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Pahtira (sometimes referred to in-game as 'Pathira') is the Starling apprentice of Yerai Dal'Terrowin and is involved in the Apotheosis questline.


Pahtira is initially found in the Old Myrad Hall in Goldenforst, having been captured by bandits. Upon her rescue, she asks the player to retrieve the stolen control unit from the bandit's hideout in Fortress Wellwatch. After acquiring the control unit, she can be found back in Dal'Terrowin's House. After talking to Dal'Terrowin and initiating Apotheosis, Part II, Pahtira will travel to the Agnod airship to help you retrieve a Starling Energy Crystal.

Once the player reaches Agnod's Generator Room, Pahtira requests assistance in discharging the excess energy so that the energy core can be reached. However, Pahtira ends up betraying the player by reactivating the energy as they approach the core, and proceeds to explain her plan to merge her own consciousness with Horst because she believes Dal'Terrowin doesn't realise the potential of the machine, and that she will 'restore the old glory of the Starlings.'

Once the player returns to Dal'Terrowin's House, in Yerai's Workshop they will find that Pahtira has already uploaded her consciousness to Horst and will proceed to fight the player. When the machine is defeated, Dal'Terrowin states that Pahtira isn't dead but 'inactive', and jokes that he may transfer her consciousness to a paperweight. He then agrees that he will transfer her consciousness back to her body so that she can be arrested.



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