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The Five Revelations of Kor
  1. All that is mundane is an illusion created by the Demiurge. The Demiurge is cruel, the Light-Born are his string puppets. Kor, on the other hand, is unconditional love, pure and untroubled and we want to experience this love.
  2. We can only free us from the bonds of the hateful world by ourselves. — This can only be reached by the one with a pure mind. Reaching this pure mind and breaking away from all that is substantial is the goal of each of Kor's disciples (Sakkava)
  3. Sensual delights, no matter if food, play (Khurta) or fleshly desire are not helpful for attaining Sakkava, as they are instruments of the Demiurge to tie us to this world! Abdicate Khurta except for the mandatory.
  4. Language is the Demiurge's most powerful weapon to keep us away from Kor's love. Language is driven by impulsiveness and feelings and is not based upon meditation and reflection! Remain silent to strengthen your Sakkava.
  5. The solidarity of a fellowship of like-minded disciples is a precious asset and may lighten the struggle for Sakkava. Love and respect your brethren and sisters wholeheartedly and Kor will welcome you all together in his arms.

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