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Enderal Patch now online and dowloadable!

important information

  • The bards are currently only in german but they will be localized and patched as fast as possible.
  • The german messages (in the upper left corner) can't be localized yet via string (as they are debug.notifications) - we are working on it and patch it as fast as possible. It could take a while to fix these messages but feel free to report them at the bugtracker. This helps us in finding all notifications we have to patch.
  • If you experience blackscreens or sound stuttering with the film sequences/intros disable OneTweak (Launcher option) and disable the checkbox of window mode.

  • If the "Level up!" message stays on your screen forever: this is a known Skyrim bug with a 4k resolution.The only "fix" atm is to open up Translate_English.txt in: C:\program files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\Skyrim\data\Interface or ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\Skyrim\data\Interface .
  • At the entry "$LEVEL UP" replace the "LEVEL UP!" with a space (do not simply delete it, but instead replace it; and leave that big space between the $LEVEL UP and the LEVEL UP! in place)
  • Save the file. The notification won't appear anymore.
  • Important: There also won't be anymore LEVEL UP! notifications if you actually level up.



  • Several spelling errors and missing translations fixed.
  • Also fixed several dialogue lines, which were either untraslated or had some missing words.
  • The illustration at the last page of "The Disciplines of Magic - Entropy" is now displayed properly.
  • King Lewd and the Maidservant Devotia now properly displays its text.


  • launcher detects corrupted installation files
  • added 32 bit support

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 17.08.2016