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Enderal Patch now online and dowloadable!



  • "A new life" (MQP02): A failsafe for Sirius' travel AI in the combat scene was added to fix http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-34 . We are not sure if this actually fixes the bug, but it should improve the situation.
  • "It begins with the dreams" (MQP03): There is now a second (better hidden) rune key in MQP03TempleInner for the case the first one glitches under the ground.
  • Wishing wells (NQ36): Many corrections and improvements.
  • "The void" (MQ02): Jespar is now hit with stopcombat when you reach Ark. Otherwise, the scene behind the gate would break if Jespar was still fighting some enemies on the road.
  • "The void" (MQ02): Added a quest marker on the casket if the player has not yet retrieved Yero's diary from it..
  • "The void" (MQ02): If you fail the starling locks, a tutorial message about sprinting and speed is displayed. A terrain trap was fixed near the locks.
  • "The void" (MQ02): Reloading the game after talking to Jespar about skillbooks in the Riverville tavern no longer breaks the dialogue. Hopefully this fixes http://sureai.net:9898/projects/ERB/issues/ERB-57 .
  • "Secrets from the casket" (NQ09): Cheating Sillas of his gold now gives fewer experience points (since it gives more gold). The experience points given for the "regular" solution have been slightly raised.
  • Calia/Jespar entrigger boxes (trigger boxes that determine where Calia and Jespar follow the player and where they wait) have been reworded. The messages "Calia/Jespar is following you now" and "Calia/Jespar will wait for you here" should no longer show in German, as they have been reimplemented as actual messages (rather than Debug.Notifications). Note that this does not necessarily work with old savegames (prepare for a mix of German and English here). In the case of the MQ07b Calia entrigger boxes (the path to Alt Dothulgrad), a CTD was fixed (by CompanionIsTalking conditioning) and the user-friendliness was improved (the message boxes can now be switched off, which turns them into usual messages). The MQ02 boxes have seen their script replaced by a newer one; now, "Jespar follows you" should correctly show on the road from Riverville to Ark.
  • The sewers from the (yet unfinished) NQ_G_07 quest are no longer accessible ahead of their time. (The door from the actors' house was blocked.)
  • The rope leading from the Ark catacombs to the Golden Sickle is now usable.
  • "Taming the Waves" (MQ04): Quest marker for Objective 70 now points to Lishari and not to the lift, as long as Lishari is in the correct cell. Should fix http://sureai.net:9898/projects/ERB/issues/ERB-199 .
  • "Taming the Waves" (MQ04): The VisualEffect given to the player during Lishari's ritual is now removed again at the end of the quest, if it has not already been removed before.
  • "Taming the Waves" (MQ04): A scene involving Lishari is now stopped if it keeps running beyond its time (fix for http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-561 ).
  • "The word of the dead" (MQ07a): New quest objective 7 between the starting conversation in the basement and the journey with Jespar (fix for http://forum.sureai.net//tracker.php?p=8&t=11090 ).
  • "Deus ex Machina" (MQ07b): Karek is now resurrected if he is dead before he should be.
  • "Fragments of the past" (MQ07): A too-restrictive condition and a say-once flag were removed in topic MQ07_D0_Start. This fixes http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-285 and http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-170 .
  • "Interlude" (MQ08Prologue): All "Say Once" flags removed in MQ08Prologue_D1_Start. Reloading should no longer break this dialogue. Also, the "End" flags on Jorrek (Combat, Death) in scene MQ08Prologue_SC1_Discussion removed.
  • "Into the deep" (MQ09a): Constantine's bleedout no longer setstages 152 ahead of its time.
  • "Interlude" (MQ10a): Fixed two bugs that broke Dad's greeting: A dysfunctional fix for http://sureai.net:9898/projects/ERB/issues/ERB-6 was removed (as it caused http://sureai.net:9898/projects/ERB/issues/ERB-204 ). A forcegreet of Dad has no Say-Once flag any more.
  • "Part of Something Momentous IV" (MQ10b): The fisherwoman is not attackable anymore.
  • "Part of Something Momentous IV" (MQ10b): Glimmerdust bottles in the player's inventory no longer break the scene in the tavern (fix for http://sureai.net:9898/projects/ERB/issues/ERB-128 ).
  • "A song in the silence" (MQ11c): Added a SayOnce global for MQ11c_D2, to avoid Ketaron greeting the player twice with the same phrase.
  • "A song in the silence" (MQ11c): performance boost in the case that the player leaves the sneaking passage prematurely (The three guards aren't registrated for LOS anymore)
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): The scene in Maya's room should not break down if the player activate the old book/tome while Calia is talking.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): A strange bug with the door in the library is fixed (a variable was incremented groundless what caused a closed door).
  • "Contingencies" (NQ32): The bug which caused that Elia wasn't responsive is fixed. (deleted her two greetings which never really seemed to work).
  • "Black Light I" (MQ12a): Lexils notes aren't sellable anymore; some additional bugs were fixed.
  • "Forgotten Homeland I" (MQ13a): starting problems with the first scene ( http://forum.sureai.net//tracker.php?p=8&t=11099 ) were eliminated through a failsave.
  • "For The Greater Good" (MQ14): The player does not have to wait that much time until the starling map is decrypted. (Fix for http://forum.sureai.net//tracker.php?p=8&t=10364 = http://sureai.net:9898/projects/ERB/issues/ERB-92 . Unfortunately it does not work retroactive: who already has the bug, should type in the console: setstage mq14 10)
  • "Two Souls, part VI" (CQC06): Calia's greeting at the bridge should not disappear after reloading (SayOnce flags replaced by gloabale varaible).


  • added some new hiding places (especially at the suncoast).
  • some Clutter-Items should be salable, and some quest relevant items should be unsaleable now. (no claim to completeness) Added shovels to some merchants inventory.
  • "Part of Something Momentous II" (MQ05): The "Seducers" (_00E_MQ05Ghost) elementalism offset was lowered from 50 to 2. (Just in case they actual use their ice spikes)
  • EXP/Levelup scripts unified. Now the player always gets +9/+8/+11 health/mana/stamina during Levelup.
  • Cheating in the card game should work. Fix for http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-419 .
  • Misc Item "Weird Gem" from the isle of Kor (_00E_Ark_NQ_IsleOfKOrWeirdGem) is now 350 (instead of 1000) pennies worth and salable.

thanks to Nescio for the following fixes:

  • "Talent: Well of Life" now heals the correct amount of health.
  • "Thaumaturge: Arcane Resistance" Description corrected (no poison resistance).
  • "Sinistrope: Abyss" should work properly.
  • Added missing Kkywords to spells (respectively to their MagicEffects). The missing of the keywords caused that some perks had no effect with/on the spells. Following spells fixed: all rune spells, all summoning spells, all light magic spells, all mentalism spells, " Ice Spike", "Winter Skin", "flame Cloak", "Lightning Cowl"
  • Added Charge Time for the followinf spells: (Fixes display of mana cost as "per second"): "Protection from Magic", "Circle of Protection", "Blessing of Life", " Water Breathing", "Turn Undead", "summon weapon"
  • Adjusted mana costs of "Winter Skin", "flame Cloak", "Lightning Cowl" (before: "automatically calculate"). The damage of these spells should display correcly in the spell menu. Dualcasting increases the duration.
  • Adjusted the description of "Wall of Frost", "Wall of Flames" and "Wall of Storm" in the magic menu.
  • The deceleration effect of frost spells is working properly.
  • Adjusted description of "Summon Oorbaya".
  • The learning of "Blessing of Life" does not make previous stages useless.
  • FrostSlow script revised. The deceleration is now no longer ending prematurely, if one is repeatedly hit by frost spells. The force back to the standard SpeedMult value after the expiration of the effectnach should work better.ng des originalen SpeedMult-Wertes nach Ablauf des Effektes ist jetzt viel besser sichergestellt.


  • The (invisible) chests of merchants in Ark (strangerquarter and Marktetquarter) were placed deeper into the earth. Hopefully they will not be activated.
  • The stuck while placing objects should occur less frequently.
  • "Talent: Ghostwalk": Invisible LOS-Check-Actors do not spam into the save and do not pull enemies anymore. Futhermore the player will not be teleported behind enemies during the onEffectFinish.
  • Riverville: Tarhutie and Sura are now essential (this means that wolves can't kill anymore).
  • Name changes of some "pile of dirt".
  • Renamed the "Death Breath" spell books.
  • 2 scripted firep are unscripted now (old scripts caused an empty Messagebox).
  • Deleted _48E_Frostelementar (Frost Elemental) and plant in the unreachable Cell "Vyn, (0, 0)".
  • Added Message _00E_Game_UnlockNeedsSkill. Appears as a replacement for the previous message box while lockpicking a too heavy lock. Next Patch it will be fixed completly. Added some messages for "mediation", "mark", "return", "teleportation" and NQ11.
  • Replaced Skyrim book "A Cake and a Diamond" in "Ark, Fat Leoran" by an Enderal book (_00E_BookLandscapesEnderal03).
  • ArkMarket: on more signpost is working.
  • Various ineffective and outdated scripts removed. Thank you to Arthmoor for finding them.
  • Various Typos fixed.
  • NPCs should not stay in front of doors while the actually should pass them.


  • Questname changes:
  • Bad Vibes -> Bad VibrationsA New Land -> A New Beginning
  • Wave Taming -> Taming the Waves
  • Part of Something Meaningful -> Part of Something Momentous
  • Shards of the Past -> Fragments of the Past
  • Into the Depths -> Into the Deep
  • Salvation of Us All -> Black Light