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Enderal Patch is online and downloadable!



  • "For the Greater Good" (MQ14): Scene MQ14_SC06_Interrogation does not stop by Combat/Death. Alias SC06_Traitor is now essential, and his Base Actor is ghost. This is intended to prevent conflicts with the scene (friendly fire etc.).
  • "Into the Deep" (MQ09a): SayOnce in Topic MQ08_IntoTheDeep_TempleInsideJespar02Topic replaced by a global variable. Could fix http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-583 .
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): Questmarker embed on Training Bow and arrows, to avoid misunderstandings like http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-615 .
  • Constantin, Lexil, Lishari, Natara and Yuslan are no longer in the frakcion A_CrimeFaction. They should not attack the player anymore if there is a bounty on the player.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): Dialog conditions in Scene MQ11c_SC8_RyneusMentionWaterfall are now less restrictive. Should fix a potential cause for http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-574 .
  • "All the Dead Souls" (MQ11b): A broken fix which was in the last patch is replaced by a working one. Adila should work.
  • A few Typos fixed. Replaced "machine room" by "generator room" in the journal of the quest "Apotheosis, Part II" (NQ26).
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): Plotstopper fixed which occurred if the player does not kill every undead in the library ( http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-641 ).
  • "The Void" (MQ02): Failsave was built so that the dialog with Jespar on stage 35 continues correctly. Could fix http://sureai.net:9898/browse/ERB-587 (only with "fresh" saves).


  • LOD fix
  • name of the "Throatstone Processing Plant" fixed
  • cell copy of "Old Starling Mine" renamed to "Kynea Grotto"

  • A lot of leaks in the "Kynea Grotto" fixed
  • The "Kynea Grotto" is visually completely overhauled
  • illogical wooden structure in "Old Arch" has now supporting pillars
  • Exterior of "Dal'Valstaag Ruins" worked over, defense courses are enterable
  • geometry of the "Old Arch" changed so that every enemies can follow the player through the complete level
  • Incorrectly placed light source from the "Destroyed Abbey, Basement" deleted
  • A lot of leaks and Bleeds in the "Frostcliff Mountains" fixed
  • Various leaks in "Thalgard, Crematory", "Frostwater Chasm", "Northcliff Hold", "Storm Mill Warehouse", Dal'Valstaag Ruins fixed