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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Launcher version: A55

Patch size: 140 MB



  • "Gnarldalf has to die!" (NQ06): Giving the horse or mule an empty name is no longer possible. Thanks to Zorg!
  • "Trails of the Past" (NQ19): Now, the posting in front of the Dancing Nomad tavern actually starts the quest, providing an alternative path to starting the quest via talking to Tiwon or finding an artefact (Script wasn't compiled).
  • "Part Of Something Momentous, Part II" (MQ05): A few failsaves moving Aixon and the player to the intended places if they don’t arrive.
  • "The Word of the Dead" (MQ07a): The conversation with Lexil Merrayîl cannot be interrupted by bumping into him.
  • "Deus Ex Machina" (MQ07b): The first encounter with Lishari should now be less prone to bugs.
  • (MQ07bAftermath): Player alias now gets cleared after the quest. Also, the script on the alias should now work.
  • "The Lion's Den" (MQ09): The player should definitely be unable to jump over the barricads of the nehrimese camp.
  • "The Lion's Den" (MQ09): After the "Cycle" theme has finished playing during the player’s second encounter with the High Ones, there will be silence until the scene with Tealor and Taranor.
  • "The Lion's Den" (MQ09): Removed stucking cricket sounds, maybe fixed a bug in which the music was removed during the follow-up quests.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a) Calia now has a fallback AI package.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The Scene with the Dog is hardened against pathfinding failure.
  • "A Song in the Silence" (MQ11c): The player should no longer get the key to the cave twice. The script now checks if the player already has the key.
  • "Every Day Like The Last, Part II" (CQJ02): Silence box now works (script was not compiled).
  • "Every Day Like The Last, Part II" (CQJ02): Jespar shouldn’t stop during the scene at the top of the watch tower due to pathfinding failure. If the scene still stops use "resetai" on Jespar in the console.


  • MGEF _00E_MQ12c_KillerArrowME: Removed the empty script.
  • Quest "Abilities": removed useless script QF_Abilites_0100A680.psc. Various other edits in the same vein.
  • Quest "Levelsystem": removed various useless string properties.
  • Fixed the broken lockpicking script again. Now, a skill of lockpicking over 25 will not allow you to open every chest/door.
  • The level-up message now also includes your current level, as well as your current attribute values. Thanks to ravenscans!
  • Now it is no longer possible to push the levers for the hidden safe in Riverville several times to solve the riddle. Fixed the script _00E_SecretPressurePlates.
  • Fixes for out-of-bounds getAt errors in various scripts.
  • Bountyquests: Fixed CTD when a dead bounty target was soul-swallowed.
  • Fixed the bug causing Yogosh & The Experimentator to trigger a purple explosion on death and not leaving an Ash Pile to loot. Also, Yogosh now uses Entropy spells and is twice her original size.
  • Grave guard shields are now visible on all races.
  • The "Fine Dress" which could be looted on Andrasta now also displays correctly on men. It can also be purchased by Elumund Noblegarn and provides a bonus to rhetorics.
  • Purchased sets of furniture can now properly be returned in Arks noble house.
  • Shopkeeper Mirella should now sell her potions, even after completing the quest.
  • Ark, Stranger Area has been further optimised.
  • "Dimensional Rift" can no longer be cast on summoned creatures.
  • Removed wrong entry from the "Blade Breaker" affinity.
  • The Affinity "Dark Keeper" now increases the entropy damage correctly.


  • Fixed various leaks in the Stranger Area, in the Barracks Quarter, at the Bank, at the Suncoast, at the Strange Place, in the Heartlands, in Old Ishmartep, in Thalgard, in Old Dothulgrad, in Mayor’s House, in the Starship, at the Butcher's House, in the Tailor's House, in the Living Temple, in the Powder Desert, at the Western Cliff, in one SHOAEPINC Building, in Lightgrove, in the Dark Valley, in the Forbidden Tunnels and in the City of a Thousand Floods.
  • Fixed various floats in the Suntemple, in the South Quarter, at the Suncoast and in the Dark Valley.
  • Fixed lightning in the butcher's house and in the tailor's house.
  • Fixed positioning of a chest in the heartlands.
  • Fixed Z-Fighting in the player house in the Noble's Quarter, in the Curarium, in the Chronicum, in the stables of Castle Dal'Galar, on the Half-Moon Island, in the Heartlands and in the Starship.
  • Fixed collision in the Barracks Quarter, at the Suncoast and in one SHOAEPINC building.
  • Fixed terrain traps in the Stranger Area, in the Forbidden Tunnels and in the Suntemple.
  • Fixed bleeds in the office of the Golden Sickle and in Lightgrove.
  • Fixed navmesh in the heartlands and in Riverville.
  • The player can’t walk behind the exit of Old Ishmartep anymore.
  • Fixed the balcony door of Dal’Geyss Manor.
  • Fixed bounds in the Starship.
  • Fixed two world map icons.
  • Fixed moving boat in Duneville.
  • Fixed furniture in the Curarium.
  • Filled lackluster Cell Forbidden Tunnels.
  • The smith in Castle Dal'Galar is accessable.


  • Gagantua has more health (Bounty Quest, Ark).
  • More Merchants should now sell Ambrosia.
  • The Safe of the Foxhand's can only be opened with the key, it’s not a master lock anymore.
  • Placed two guards into the Bank to make bank robbery more difficult. Furthermore changed the Cell-Owner from Player to ArkBankFaction.
  • Aeterna boots now only need two shadowsteel ingots to be crafted.
  • Entropy spells have been slightly buffed in terms of damage.
  • Added two more "Magelight" spells with longer duration and higher magnitude, increased the duration of "Magelight, Rank II" by 15 seconds.


  • Corrected the descriptions of the affinities.


  • Fixed wrong soundmarker in duneville - tavern sounds were played in an empty area.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 20.01.2017