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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Launcher version: A58

Patch size: ~330 MB



  • Cleaned and sanitized hundreds of custom meshes in Enderal.


  • "A New Beginning" (MQ01): More pumpkins and mana fungi will count for the objectives. Also, a bug with one of the fungi, causing the EP to not be added, is fixed.
  • "A New Beginning" (MQ01): The scene with Finn and Carbos works now properly even if the player is not sitting.
  • "Black Light, Part II" (MQ12b): The scene at the door now tolerates Taranor's pathfinding failures (not pretty, but it's working).
  • "The Shards of Order, Part I" (MQ15): Two possible reasons for stage 20 not being reached have been fixed.
  • "Part Of Something Momentous, Brave New World" (MQ05, MQ18a): A bug causing freezes in several quest scenes has been fixed.


  • Fixed leaks at the suncoast, around Thalgard, in Riverville, in the Abandoned Tower, in the Abandoned Temple, in the Museum, in the Scuola, in the Temple of Riverville, in the Glowstone Grotto, in the Old Shadow Steel Mine, in Old Aïsolôn, in Castle Dal’Galar, in Dal’Geyss Estate, in the Whisperforest, in the Heartlands, around Fogville, at the King’s Mountain Pass, in Old Dothûlgrad and at the Living Temple.
  • Fixed floats in Old Rashengrad, at the Suncoast and at the Farmers Coast.
  • The player can’t accidentally steal items from gambling tables anymore.
  • Fixed lightning in the Scuola.
  • Fixed Z-Fighting in the Scuola, in the Frostcliff Tavern, at the Living Temple and in Old Aïsolôn.
  • Fixed small amounts of navmesh at the Suncoast, in Riverville and in the Dark Valley, redone the whole navmesh on the Isle of Kor.
  • Fixed a small bug causing Carbos to be stuck near the campfire.
  • Second attempt to fix the invisible bridge near Ark.
  • Fixed Myrad Tower inconsistencies.
  • Fixed the load door for Old Yogosh.
  • Fixed bounds in Fogwatch.
  • Fixed collision in and around Fogville and in the Living Temple.
  • Rocks will be correctly displayed and culled in the Starship.
  • Fixed railing in the Suntemple.
  • Bandits at the Farmers Coast do not respawn.


  • Fixed the following bugs with the minigame "Battle of Treomar":
    • The cards will be replaced correctly after getting caught cheating.
    • The message of being caught cheating will be displayed before the decision to roll dices.
    • The commitment of the enemy will be correctly decreased if the player was caught cheating.
    • Whether the enemy decides to roll the dices does no longer depend on a random float, the AI makes much smarter decisions but still plays with high risk.
    • The enemy does get his money removed correctly after rolling the dices.
  • Jakarl Surfrider has an outfit again.
  • Fixed the new Arcane Fever message, which will now display the new arcane fever value rather than the old one.
  • Arcane Fever Mali will be displayed properly in the spell menu.
  • If the player has more than one mount and uses his horseflute, it won't summon both mounts.
  • Soul Trapping now has a new system. Messages show which kind of soul was captured if any and soul gems with captured souls now can be dropped and stored in containers without losing their soul. Does not include Black Soul Gems, as those use a slightly different system, unfortunately (Important note: Only works for souls captured AFTER this patch.) - Many thanks to "bluedanieru" who has allowed us to use a part of the scripts of his Mysticism mod for Skyrim for this.
  • Fixed greyface bug by Nathalia Poppyflower.
  • Burnt meat will render correctly.
  • Fixed some non-hostile frost elemental.
  • The Duneville entrance guard no longer forcegreets the player every time he enters.


  • Bound weapons now do less damage but the damage scales with the Entropy skill.
  • Fixed the value of some spellbooks.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 29.03.2017