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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Launcher version: A64

Patch size: ~70 MB



  • Incorporated all fixes of the Enderal - Simple Fixes mod by ravenscans. Thank you! We recommend to disable/remove the mod if you used it.
  • Incorporated more fixes of the Enderal - Bug Fixes mod by reltilie / Ixion XVII. Thank you! A new version of the mod will probably be available soon.
  • Incorporated all fixes of the Enderal - Better World mod by Wurstkrieger. Thank you! We recommend to disable/remove the mod if you used it.


  • "Strange Horizons" (NQ02): The quest will finish properly when the player reaches 30 knowledge points.
  • "The Butcher of Ark" (NQ25): Improved objectives and fixed questlog - this only applies for new saves.
  • "The First Steps": (MQ03): Objective "Meet Jespar" no longer disappears when player comes near, but stays until player starts following Jespar to the temple.
  • "The Word of the Dead" (MQ07a): Fixed a bug which caused the player to get stuck outside the Aged Man's Manor during 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • "Angel" (MQ11a): The scene near the crystal now has a timer failsafe, meaning that it properly runs even if Calia doesn't come close enough to the crystal.
  • "Every Day Like the Last, Part I" (CQJ01): The quest log will be displayed properly and the player won't earn experience points if the quest was failed.
  • "Every Day Like the Last, Part V" (CQJ05): The player controls will be enabled properly if the player chose to not romance Jespar.


  • Fixed leaks in Miners Cabin, in the Golden Sickle Office, in Monastery Westgard, in Old Ishmartep, in the Powder Mines, in Old Yogosh, in Thalgard and in the Pirate Grotto.
  • Fixed floats at the Suncoast, in the Heartlands, in the Powder Mines, in the Powder Desert, in Old Yogosh, in the Pirate Grotto and in Goldenforst.
  • Fixed Z-fighting at the Suncoast, in the Golden Sickle Office, in Old Ishmartep, in the Suntemple, in Old Yogosh and in the Pirate Grotto.
  • Fixed Occlusion Planes in all quarters, in the Undercity, in the Suntemple, in a few Heartland dungeons and in the Heartlands.
  • Fixed bleeds in the Heartlands, in the Golden Sickle Office and in the Butcher's house.
  • Fixed lighting in the Golden Sickle Office, in the Butcher's house, in the Plentyson's house, in the Abondonned Ruin and in Marek's Farm.
  • Fixed navmesh in the Dark Valley between the Myrad Tower and Keltyzar.
  • Fixed collision and visibilty issues in the southquarter.
  • Fixed activator in the museum.
  • Fixed various inconsistencies in Old Soltyris.
  • Improved Performance in Monastery Westgard (via rooms and portals).


  • Fixed Mushroom Culture, Holly (potted) and all lightsources for the hosuing system, they are now properly placable in the player houses (purchasable at the bank).
  • Added Sharpening wheel and Massive Chest to the housing system (purchasable at the bank).
  • Fixed mesh for the elk cow trophy for the housing system.
  • The talent Qyranian Stance works now properly on all three ranks.
  • Added better conditions for the perk Keeper: Conditioning.
  • The scrolls Scroll of Boon (Rank I-II) now increase arcane fever properly.
  • Tempering is now possible for the following weapons: Silver weapons, Hunting Bow, War Axe of the Righteous Path, Warhammer of the Righteous Path, Steel War Axe, Dunehome Steel Sword, forged Iron Battleaxe, Iron War Axe, Skaragg weapons, Hatchet, Old Sword, Rune Greatsword, forged Rune Greatsword, Brittle Longbow and Sunborn weapons.
  • Added blueprints for Hunting Bow, Iron War Axe, Iron Battleaxe and Dunehome Steel Sword.
  • Fixed Bura Chopper's AI packages.
  • Beds in Marek's Farm can't be used anymore by the player.
  • Cooking pot in the SHOAE Inc. building can be used by the player.
  • Fixed multiple factions.
  • Fixed various flags in leveled lists, to prevent vendors from having the same items multiple times in storage instead of a more diverse offer.
  • Idle Marker behind the lectern in the Noble's Quarter can now only be used by Prince Mith.
  • Fixed the model for Amulet of the Entropist.
  • Fixed a priority issue with the novice outfit of the Holy Order, also with the Fine Leather Gloves.
  • Fixed outfit on a undercity guardian.
  • Fixed biped object for seagulls and horse armor.
  • Fixed races for various items and templates.
  • Fixed a waterfall and a sword mesh.
  • Made the message of the Weird Stone in Dal Galar's Smithery localizable.
  • Deleted unused music lists.
  • Deleted duplicates of tempering recipes: e.g. for Aeterna Bow and Bow of the Righteous Path.
  • Deleted unused cells and worldspaces.


  • Reduced healrate of the perk Vandal: Fury Driven by a large amount.
  • Ring of Magic Resistance has it's proper enchantment, which got reduced in it's effectiveness.
  • Fortify One-handed Enchantments now really only affect One-handed weapons.
  • Sunborn Mages use the Sunborn Axe instead of the Skarrag Axe, hence they do more damage in Melee Combat.


  • Fixed typos in various quest logs, objectives and dialogues.
  • Fixed typos in various books and notices.
  • Fixed various missnamings of weapons, NPCs, placeable items, blueprints and some other objects.
  • Fixed various typos on some spells and their effects, also improved their legibility.


  • Added proper conditions to various generic dialogue lines.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 11.08.2017