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Enderal Patch is downloadable!

Note: This patch is only available for the Steam version which is the only maintained version of Enderal.



  • "Interlude" (MQ08Prologue): Fixed an issue with Jorek Bartar not being around in the Emporium. Furthermore fixed an issue causing the meeting not to play properly.
  • "Part of Something Momentous, Part IV" (MQ10b): Fixed an issue causing problems with the conversation in the Emporium.
  • "Fleshless" (MQ17): Fixed an issue causing enemies to explode forever.

  • "Every Day Like the Last, Part I" (CQJ01): Adjusted a trigger that could potentially be missed.
  • "Every Day Like the Last, Part II" (CQJ02): Fixed a bug that caused the messenger boy not to spawn at all.
  • "Our Mark on this World" (FS_NQ02): The passenger list is now a quest item on pick up.
  • "Dreams of the Dead" (FS_NQ03): Optimized a quest marker in the second vision.
  • "Cuthbert's Legacy" (FS_NQ07): The player can not use the chair too early in the ritual anymore. Two lost ones will no longer interrupt the boss fight. The giant lost one can't be killed by magic or arrows before the bossfight starts.
  • "Dark Chambers of our Mind" (FS_NQR05): Fixed a bug that caused recurring yellow flashes on the screen.


  • Fixed renaming of potions and ingredients.
  • Fixed a bunch of textures.
  • Fixed functionality of the weapon "Winter's Edge" and "Sword of the Mesmer".
  • Fixed multiple issues with the brawl system, e.g. spectators following the player around etc.
  • Fixed issues with the treasure mounds.
  • Fixed a few wrong voicetypes.
  • Removed unused dialogue.


  • Reduced size of the summonable abomination.
  • Slightly buffed "Winter's Edge".
  • Increased duration of "Accelerate".
  • Fixed respawing of multiple items.
  • Fixed enchantments on multiple weapons, so that they work like it was intended.
  • Adjusted the relationships between different enemy "factions" to be more "realistic". In specific: Vastly different enemy factions no longer support each other in combat against the player or the player's allies reducing the likeliness of the player being swarmed by enemies.
  • Adjusted a few tempering recipes to better match their respective gear.
  • Adjusted keywords on multiple items.


  • Fixed navmesh on multiple occasions.
  • Fixed portals in Old Garagatha.


  • Fixed lots of typos and descriptions.

reference: SureAI News Forum - checked 24.03.2019