Enderal:Second Letter of the Kor

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Sister Dryella, 21. of Star Summer Night, 8231 a. St.

Here I am sitting, quill and paper being the only friends I can share my concerns with.

It is the island.

Already after the dream I was troubled about these peculiar pictures. Yes, I have seen the island and yes, with its white beaches and fertile soil it seemed like heaven on earth. Nonetheless — there was also something else. Sullyres interpreted my reluctance as timidity, but that is not what it was — it was anxiety. Even later when I told him about it, he did not want to hear of it: He is confident that it was Kor who sent me the vision. “It is our fate to live here until we transition into his realm.”

But am I the only one who feels it? Who sees it? Something dwells here, and if that is supposed to be Kor's infinite love, then I am the Golden Queen. This whisper in the wind of the palm tree leaves, the burning on my skin when I step into the sunshine. And yes, maybe I am just imagining this, but what about these grotesque faces on the walls? Ragor says it is a simple discoloration of the wood, but am I really the only one who sees faces in it? Anyway, my hands are tied. With every day passing by Sullyres slides further into an almost creepy felicity. He is deeply convinced that we found our purpose.

We must leave! We have to leave this place as soon as possible. But at the moment I have no other choice but waiting. Kor's love will guide my way, as it did back then.