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The Yalam-Rashâi, known to the people of Enderal as The Starlings, are a mysterious race of people that appeared on Vyn after the Starfall. All Starlings feel an urge to return to the stars, to reunite with something they lost, something that not even the Starlings themselves can identify. Many Starlings spend their lives trying to build some form of transportation that allows them to go up into the stars, and while some myths of other successful airships exist, the only confirmed one is Gertrude, constructed by the Starling Kurmai Kazaortatakajape‏‎.


The Ancient Yalam-Rashâi, sometimes called The Ancient Fathers or The Ancient Starlings, were a race of very intelligent and skilled craftsmen, who managed to learn the truth about The Cycle and The High Ones early in their iteration of The Cycle. Using their advanced technological prowess, they built a city on the skies that was immune to the effects of The Cleansing, known as the Star City. While the city was successful at first, the limited space meant that it couldn't last long. Harsh rules were implemented, and the worst punishment one could suffer was exile: The perpetrator would be stripped of their memories and sent back to Vyn.

Some time after the Starfall, the residents of the Star City disappeared for unknown causes.