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Strange Horizons
Quest Giver: Finn
Rewards: Permanent Stat Boosts, 1500 EP


  • Gather knowledge about enderal (30)
  • Hint: The dialogues marked with <Knowledge> are giving you knowledge points

Journal Entries

In spite of all incidents - I managed to arrive on Enderal. There is much to learn about this land: from its culture and the mores of its inhabitants to its fauna and flora and up to its myths and legends - I am sure this knowledge will greatly benefit me on my travels!


This is a different quest. Throughout your journey, you will find NPCs with dialogue options marked with <Knowledge>. Selecting these options increases the counter in this quest by one, and additional stat boosts are gained for reaching 10, 20 and 30 knowledge points.

NPC Quest Prompt Dialogue
Constantine Firespark The First Steps "Sudden outburst of my glance"? What's a glance?

By all that's holy, I won't start playing your tutor now.

If you don't know about the basic functioning of magic, then read something from Baledor Goldenstein. He -

Any Priest N/A A "holy calling"?

Yes. "Only a people united in flesh and spirit shall prevail throughout the ages", Verse 39. Avarice and obstinacy are the two worst poisons for the spirit, which is why the life path of every Endralean is determined at the day of his birth.

There's the path of the Manufacturers, whose hard work provides for the iron and food of our people. Then, there's the path of the Erudites, who follow professions that require higher knowledge, such as scribery and alchemy.

And then there are the Sublime, who were born to lead our country.

Within one's path, a person is free to choose, but to cross those borders is almost always blasphemy.

Finn A New Beginning Can you tell me more about this region?

Well, what could I tell you? This is the Sun Coast, in the south of Enderal. A pretty peaceful area, actually, except for all the animals and bandits that have recently started going crazy ...

And well, that's pretty much it. I think you should ask the people in Riverville if you want to know more; they certainly have some stories to tell.

Jespar Dal'Varek Into the Deep Commander Eren called the temple the "Living Temple". Why is that?

Oh, it's an old legend. Apparently this temple has some kind of... consciousness, so to speak. That's also the reason for the weird vegetation around here.

Any Myrad Warden N/A Could you tell me something about these creatures? Myrads?

About Myrads? What is there to tell? They are beautiful animals, majestic and wild... And dangerous, if you're unlucky enough to run into an untamed one.

In the time before the Blood Moon Revolt, a long time ago, tamed Myrads like this one here were a really rare sight... Nowadays, though, they're pretty common, at least here on Enderal. Pity, somehow...

Jespar Dal'Varek The Void He was on the wrong side of the law? Why?

Well, burials are considered heathen here in Enderal and have been forbidden for about three hundred years now. Here, corpses are always cremated. The whole thing is called the "Last Journey".

The deceased is led to a place he or she considered special during his or her life, immediately after dying. That is the only way the soul can move onto the "Eternal Paths".

Sounds very poetic, but I'm pretty sure the only reason the Order introduced that law was to prevent plagues. Trade routes aren't that much fun for wanderers and traveling merchants.

So... burying someone like that is considered a crime?

Yeah. But of course, that only goes for the small man... The rich and powerful still tend to their family crypts, and there are still plenty of old vaults around from the time before this whole "Last Journey" thing.

And it's good that way. What would life as a treasure hunter be like without the notorious noble looking for family jewels in a century-old grave?

Thalara A Song in the Silence I'd like to know a little more about your village. It seems quite... peaceful.

Yes, you're right. I haven't been on the outside for ages, and honestly, I don't plan to change that anytime soon. Most of this place's beauty is owed to the river that comes from the mountain...

There's a nice little legend about how it came to be. Care to hear it?

Any Priest N/A I'm an Outlander. Could you explain to me what this "Path" really is?

What it is? Now that's quite the question you are asking there. But fine, why not.

The Path is two things: For one, it is the name of Holy Writing, that encompasses both the revelation of the Light-Born after the fall of the Aeterana king, Asâtoron, and the journey of the First Vassals to Enderal -

Who founded this country under Malphas' guidance. It also tells us the virtue of the path, the ideals by which every Endralean should live, which is the only way to salvation. Secondly, it is the holy calling of each Endralean citizen.

Any Priest N/A Is the Order and the Clerus the same thing?

No, they are not... You're an Outlander, aren't you?

The Clerus serves the Order, and it is their duty to spread Malphas's word among the common people. The Holy Order, on the other hand, rules this country in Malphas's name.

It makes sure the path is abided by and that the lawless are punished, so to speak.

Jespar Dal'Varek The Void So this fever gets worse whenever I... what, drink potions?

Among other things, yes. Just as being magically gifted can make a person powerful, it can also make them sensitive and prone to certain conditions.

Just don't overdo it sleeping in ruins or in the wilderness; instead, set up a camp somewhere. Plus, as you already said yourself, don't overdo it with potions.

Uajaan Vul N/A So you're from Kilé, right? Did you flee the war over there?

Well, flee isn't exactly the right for it. I call it "Tactical relocation". Only a stupid businessman would try to sell spices amidst a civil war.

Jespar Dal'Varek N/A Tar'Gul?

Never heard of it? That's the capital of Arazeal... At least if you ask the Civilized People.

Torius Flameling N/A Tell me a bit more about your order, the "League of the Apothecarii".

With all due respect to your thirst for knowledge - I am not a magister, and I've got my hands full. In a nutshell: We are healers, and our path is to cure ailments with magic and alchemy.

Our monastery is far to the north, in the Frostcliff Mountains. However, you won't be able to reach it at the moment due to the heavy snowfall.

And in case that doesn't sate your appetite, there are a couple of books about us in the library, or maybe even in the Chronicum.

Jespar Dal'Varek The Void The "Isolation"?

Yeah, that's what we call the decree that was made 30 years ago here in Enderal. Put simply, the Order decided to reduce their trade with other countries of the civilized world to a minimum.

Not a very economical choice to make, but that was roughly the time when the Light-Born Erodan "left" Nehrim. The Order was probably afraid a similar thing could happen in Enderal.

You know, open harbors quicken exchange of information, which in return quickens rebellious thinking, and so on.

Since the decree, trading in Enderal is subject to very strict regulations, and only the wealthy can still afford things like Tirmatralean wine or Kiléan spices.

Anyway, since then a lot of once-flourishing trading posts have closed down... such as the Three Rivers Watch down at the Suncoast, or this one.

Any Priest N/A The "Journey of the First Vassals"?

Yes. Enderal was, other than countries such as Nehrim, Qyra, or wherever you come from, an uncharted land. It was Malphas himself who showed a young couple, Selna and Ketaron and their followers the way to Enderal.

But it would take far too long to recite that entire tale, and I doubt you have that much time. If you are interested in their journey, I suggest you read The Path... It is good for the soul, anyway, even for an Outlander.

Any Priest N/A The "Revelation of the Light-Born"?

Yes. Now don't tell me you've never of heard that before... It is recounted the same way in the entire Civilized World. It was the Light-Born who saved this world from the chaos it fell into after Asâtoron's death.

Erica Braveblood A Touching Effigy The Dark Valley? Where is that?

Oh, you're not from around here, are you? I thought I heard an accent there. The Dark Valley... It's, as the name suggests, a valley a few miles north of the Whisperwood.

Not a place I would recommend you to visit, based on it's history and all the people who've been killed there. Nowadays, with the "Red Madness", it's even worse... This place is practically swarming with Lost Ones.

Commander Leora Eren‏‎ Interlude Waterblade...I've seen some statues in the city and temple which are dedicated to him. Who is he?

He was a keeper...One of the best, and one of the most virtuous.

Even though he was only of the Manufacturer's Path, both his talent and path-abidingness made the former Grandmaster, Dal'Kapos, grant him the noviciate.

And in case you were wondering, his name derives from the fact that he was excellent at both swordplay and magic...Elementalism and Thaumaturgy to be precise. That was uncommon in those days; you were either a keeper or an arcanist.

Signet Leader Jorek Bartarr‏‎ Part of Something Momentous, Part II What "spores" are you talking about exactly?

Long story. Simply put, they come from a special kind of mushroom that has infested this forest and staying near them worsens the Arcanist's Fever.

So in case you're thinking about exploring further, take some magical protection and some Ambrosia with you.

Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal Part of Something Momentous, Part III What are these "Sigils"?

Ranks. After a novice has passed the trial, he is raised into First Sigil - and in the course of years, if he proves to be worthy, into higher ranks, up to the Fourth Sigil, which is also only surpassed by the Truchessa and the Grandmaster, me.

Jespar Dal'Varek The Void What are these books?

"The Arazealan in my bed: Sensual confessions of a vagabond lady.", Volume I and II. You know, for the lonely nights.

Jokes aside, those are Learning Books... From Arcanists, master fencers, depending on what you read. You know how to fight, but if you want to get better, you have to enjoy a reading of those once in a while.

Jespar Dal'Varek The Void What exactly is "Ark?"

Ark? The capital of this country.

Walls high as towers, of iron-hard stone - rest alone in the mountains, in granite enthroned. Never decaying, the ages surveying, guarded by the Lord..." blah blah blah, and so on, and so forth.

If you plan on staying in this land, sooner or later you'll see it with your own eyes.

Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal Deus Ex Machina What is the difference between the Dylgar and the Ishyian?

They were the two different castes who ruled the Pyrean realm. Officially they were servants of the "Highest Being," the deity all of Pyrea worshiped, but everyone knew that it was the castes who had the power.

And while the Ishyian valued tradition, the Dylgar valued progress, which, as you can imagine, led to differences between the two, to say the least... They were the Light-Born of the Pyrean era, you could say.

Jespar Dal'Varek The Void What's a "Myrad"?

Oh, right, you wouldn't know that as a Nehrimese. Myrads are giant, flying creatures - quite nasty when wild, and quite useful when tamed.

You can find Myrad towers all over Enderal, and for a little fee the keepers and their Myrads can take you from A to B in no time.

But as I said, Riverville's Myrad is injured, so we'll have to walk.

Ora Stonehand N/A You did the "Passage to the Water"? How was that?

Uph... Hard. The arcanists made it clear that we stood at the crossroads: Either we learn to control the magic, or we become outlaws.

It was... not a pleasant time, I can tell you that much. The keepers were extremely strict and you learned to be... independent. To not get too close to anybody.

But no offense, that's a very personal topic.

What happened to the people who didn't make it through the Passage?

As I said, I don't want to talk about it. Sorry.

Commander Leora Eren‏‎ Scorpion and Lion A "Black Myrad?" What's that?

A special breed from Kilé... They are similar to our Myrads, only they're black and a good 500 pounds heavier. They are the only way to make the passage from Qyra to Enderal in less than two weeks.

But there are very few of them, and a voyage by a Black Myrad costs a fortune...

... So this whole thing must be worth a lot to our Kiléan "friends."

Yuslan Sha'Rim N/A I heard you know quite a lot about magic. Care to share your insight on how it works?

What, are you asking me to teach you? From what I've heard you know magic as if you've studied it for centuries. But sure, why not - what do you want to know?

Yerai Dal'Terrowin Apotheosis, Part I Thalgard... What exactly happened there?

Something that makes it the ideal place to go if you're suicidal and are looking for a quick way out. You're an Outlander, aren't you? How can I explain that without going beyond the scope? Dal'Marak. Does the name ring a bell?

He was an Arcanist who lived around 2000 years ago. Back then, the Order planned to build a second city here in Enderal, situated in a region we now call Goldenforst. But, as it turned out, the place was everything but a good choice for a settlement.

No crop would grow there, and the water made the settlers sick. So, three years after the founding of the first settlement, Malaph, the Order forced the settlers to abandon the mission and return to Ark.

But, as things are with vain personalties, Dal'Marak, who had been in charge of the mission, didn't like that idea at all. Malaph had been his dream, and so he wanted to hold on to it, no matter what the price.

NPC Quest Prompt Dialogue


You can also buy books which give one knowledge points in Nobles' Quarters from Gaboff's Premium Wares store.