Enderal:Testament of the Thorn King

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Here I sit and wait, a king of thorns and roots, of golden leaves and tendrils, a giant of the old world, a servant of the old folk of Ishyian. I am the last offspring of the east and the last of my kind.

The solitude of these halls weighs heavily upon me, for no one enters these halls anymore. To guard the dead is my duty, yet as long as I stay, they remain calm and silent and nobody is here to talk to me. I wait. I wait for the return of the old folk - I still sense their echoes. Nevertheless once I am allowed to leave after a thousand years, their echoes will fade and I will be redeemed. By the time I am released, the dead will walk once more, awoken from their peaceful slumber, as with the faded echo the mourning will be long gone.

The years are sapping my bones. Soon. Soon it will be done.