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The Black Guardian, also known as God of Death by the Acarians, Warden of Dreams by the Moon-Skinned People, and Demon of the Deep by the Pyreans, is a human who performed Apotheosis on his machine, called The Goliath, thousands of iterations of The Cycle before The Prophet's. Much of the information regarding the true nature of The Cycle, The High Ones, and Emissaries comes from him.


The Black Guardian was a normal citizen of his time, except that he realized the true nature of The Cycle and the futility in fighting it by conventional means long before early signs such as the Red Madness appeared. As such, he idealized a plan: Construct a giant humanoid machine and perform Apotheosis with it, survive The Cleansing, and shape the humans of the next iteration in a manner that would prevent the High Ones from exploiting their ego, as a true god to them. However, whether by coincidence or not, The Cleansing came much earlier than he had foreseen, when his machine, The Goliath, was still incomplete. As an act of desperation, he performed the process anyway, and became stuck in the unmoving Goliath.


The Goliath was built with "The Eye", an unknown device that allows The Black Guardian to feel emotions and general trends in people and societies within its reach. As such, The Black Guardian was able to learn about The Cycle, Emissaries, The High Ones, The Veiled Woman, and much else, by simply observing what was happening in the outside world. According to him, the Star City was just outside The Eye's reach, which means he doesn't know about the Starlings' fate, or the concepts behind their technology.

He also seems to have control over the machinery near The Goliath, as he is able to use them to generate fleshless monsters to attack The Prophet after his failed attempt to trick them into switching bodies with him.


During the events of Fleshless, after explaining to The Prophet all that he learned over the eons, The Black Guardian managed to trick them into initiating the process to switch places with him, in an attempt to finally flee the prison of the unmoving Goliath. However, The Prophet's companion interrupted the process before it could be complete, much to The Black Guaridan's anger, who started creating Fleshless monsters from the pods near his location to attack the two. The Prophet and their companion managed to defeat the monsters and destroy the two generators powering The Goliath, which presumably cut The Goliath's link with The Black Guardian's consciousness, killing him.