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The Brotherhood of the Kor
Quest Giver: Mirella Godshand
Location(s): Mirella's Miraculous Mixtures in(Ark), Myrad Tower in Ark, Isle of Kor
Rewards: 500 EP
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Hard
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Quest Information

Background Mirella Godshand, an eminent alchemist of the Nobles Quarters apparently misses her son Rukas. According to her, Rukas joined a sect called the Brotherhood of the Kor years ago - by now it is banned from Ark by the Order and it settled on a remote island close to Duneville. However, the isle didn't show any signs of life in weeks - Godshand wants the player to check if everything is in order. NPCs


  • Speak with Junas, Ark's myrad keeper and request passage to the Isle of the Kor (***)
  • (Optional) Search the Isle of the Kor for hints about the cultists' destinies (0/7) (***)
  • Find the lockets of the two "dead sisters" (***)
  • Find a way to get into the community hall (***)
  • Convey the tidings of her son's destiny to Mirella Godshand.


Find Junas


Junas is a Myrad Keeper in Ark. When encountered, Junas will impart everything that he knows about the issue. He will also offer to take you to the island, and he also warns you about the possible encounter of some challenging enemies, such as Bone Rippers. Whether you agree or not, Junas will take you to the island.

Island of Kor

Collect the Evidence

First, swim to the island in front of you, this is the place you are looking for. When you reach the island's coast, use stairs to climb to the pier and follow the pier. When you are close to the center of the village, Boneshredders will attack you. One step at a time and you can pull them one by one, there are only 3 of them at the court. After you cleared the area, you can start collecting evidence of what has happened to the cultist. When you are at the Magical Barrier, check the bench at the left and read Note to Silon. This will open a new step in the quest about the sisters' lockets. Check the 7 cabins on the island, there are notes spread around. What you are looking for is, Letter of the Kor and they are usually easy to be found on a desk at each cabin. Beware of the Giant Spider! You can also interact with the Weird Busts to gain quick 50 xp if you encounter them.

Find the Lockets

The sisters are at the northern side of the island. Kill them and loot the Lockets. Now you can enter the community hall.

Reach the Sunken Temple

Go to the Magic Barrier and recite the inscription from the lockets, the magic barrier will disappear. Enter the community hall.

Kill the rats and proceed to the cellar. There is a pit at the lower room, which will take you to the underground cave. Do not forget to get the Strange, water-coloured potion which is on the chest in front of you just before you enter the cave.

After the loading screen, you'll be underwater, go up to reset breathing timer. Then use the water-coloured potion. Dive in and follow the underwater cave to reach a sunken village. You need to find a temple like structure and swim to it. Inside there will be long stairs that you need to follow to reach a sunken temple.

Climb the stairs to the red altar. When you reach, quest will be updated with a new step.

Loot Brother Sulyres' body to get Kor's Sword and Teleport to Ark scroll.

Impart the News to Mirella

Use scroll to go back to Ark and deliver your findings to Mirella. This will complete the quest. Also note that Mirella will give you the 2111 vault key to be used in the bank.


  • Some of the monsters on the island are tough to kill for a Quest-Difficulty-3.png level quest as of patch
  • The only comfortable way to leave the island is using a teleportation scroll. Other than that you would need to swim a really long way to the mainland.
  • Some of the cabins have The Five Revelations of Kor on the wall or attached to the desk.
  • Some of the cabins have faces on the wooden walls. There are 3 kind of faces in total.
  • Doors which require keys can not be opened.
  • It seems that an unknown entity began to disturb the residents of the island and eventually took them under its control to sacrifice them. To what end has not been explained fully but the notes in the optional quest step hint about it.
  • You can reach the Isle of Kor by swimming to south from Powder Cliff. The quest will start automatically upon reaching the island.