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The Elixir
Quest Giver: Mirell Hoofbeat
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Easy

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Optionally, read one of Mirell's notes
  2. Talk to Mirell Hoofbeat
  3. Brew Mirell's Elixir
  4. Wait for Mirell in his house
  5. Decide what to do with the Elixir and Bea

Detailed Walkthrough

You can find notes made by Mirell Hoofbeat on the Myrad Tower at the Farmers Coast and on the Grain Farm, asking for the help of an adventurer or mercenary. This quest can be started by reading one of these notes or by talking to Mirell directly (he is usually at Bridgehead Farm). First, Mirell warns you that he has almost no money, and so you likely won't be paid for helping him. He then explains that his daughter, Bea, is sick with bellyworms, a rare disease from Qyra. He has the recipe for the elixir that cures it, but its ingredients are too difficult to find for him. Read the recipe that Mirell gave you, then talk to him and agree to brew it. He gives you the directions to his farm, and asks you to bring the elixir there as soon as you brew it.

To brew the elixir, you'll need one Vynroot, Yellow Butterfly Wings, Garlic, and Rat Meat. With the ingredients in your inventory, go to any Alchemy Workbench and a message will appear, allowing you to brew Mirell's elixir. Once you've brewed the elixir, head to Mirell's house to give it to him.

Mirell's house is empty, and so you'll have to wait for him to return. Sit on the appointed chair. A few moments after sitting, you'll hear a strange scream coming from somewhere in the house. Get up and head to the northern room of the house, where you'll find a Novice-locked trapdoor to the basement under a pile of hay, at the northeastern corner of the room. Pick the lock and enter the basement. You'll find Bea, Mirell's daughter, locked in a cell, with clear signs of the Red Madness. Go back up and sit on the chair to wait for Mirell.

Once Mirell arrives, you'll have three options on how to proceed:

Option 1: Comply

If you give the elixir to Mirell, he thanks you, gives you the Hoofbeat Family Amulet, and the quest ends. Visiting his house one in-game day later reveals that Bea attacked Mirell while he was giving her the potion, which caused both of them to die during the fight on the basement.

Option 2: Confront

If you confront Mirell directly and say that Bea should be put to sleep, he gets angry and attacks you, forcing you to kill him. Be sure to take the family amulet from his body before proceeding. You can then choose to either kill Bea or let her stay locked at her cell in the basement. If you choose to keep her locked, leave Mirell's house. The door to his house will be locked forever, the quest ends, and Bea presumably dies of starvation. If you choose to kill Bea, you can find the key to her cell in Mirell's body. Take the key, go to the basement, open her cell, and kill her, ending the quest.

Option 3: Convince

If you have 40 Rhetorics, you can convince Mirell that he was duped by a quack doctor, calming him down and allowing you to resolve the situation peacefully.

If you then convince Mirell to sacrifice Bea, he gives you the family amulet as payment, ending the quest. You can then visit him in his house one in-game day later, when he reveals that he poisoned the elixir before giving it to Bea, causing her to die sleeping. If you go down into the basement, you'll see that the cell is unlocked and that Bea is no longer there.

If you have completed Part of Something Momentous, Part II, you can tell Mirell that the Apothecarii are working on a cure for the Red Madness, giving him hope that Bea might be cured. He gives you the family amulet as payment, ending the quest. You can then visit him in his house one in-game day later to learn the Apothecarii gave Bea a gruntroot potion and took her in to aid her. Bea can then be found in the Curatorium of the Sun Temple.