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The Holy Order's Symbol

Note: This article is about the religious group. For the book of the same name, check The Holy Order (Book)

The Holy Order is a religious group based out of the Sun Temple in Ark. The group follows the Light-Born Malphas and take orders directly from their Grandmaster, Tealor Arantheal. The Order rules over Enderal as a theocracy. The Order was first established by Malphas himself in Verse LXXVII of The Path, the book that serves as a guide for the group until this day. The Order's symbol, established in Verse XCVIII of The Path, contains a sun-eye, symbolizing the light and wisdom that Malphas emits, and a snake in the form of a circle, symbolizing the beginning and the end, both united by Malphas.

Relationship with Arcanists

Every Arcanist must present themselves to The Holy Order once their magical powers are discovered. Those who refuse are labeled Wild Mages. Once inside, their Arcane Fever is tended to, and they become Novices. While enlistment into The Holy Order is mandatory, those who (intentionally or not) fail the Journey to the Water are released, and become Free Arcanists.


The Holy Order is organized into four Signets. The higher its signet level, the more power a position has. Signets are further subdivided into Military and Arcane branches.

Military Arcane
Fourth Signet Grandmaster 1
Truchessa 1
Third Signet Signet Leader 1 Archmagister 1
Second Signet Banner Master 1 Magister n
First Signet Keeper n
None Initiate n
Novice n

1 This position is occupied by a single person at a time.
n This position may be occupied by multiple people at the same time.
The term "Keeper" can be used to refer to any member of the order, but since Keepers of the First Signet have no special titles, they are often named simply "Keeper".

Only pure-blooded Endraleans, usually nobles, are accepted into The Order, beginning at the lowest rank of Novice. Other than preparing themselves for their initiation with practical and theoretical classes, Novices mostly assist higher-ranked members in menial tasks. Once a Novice is ready, they become an Initiate and undergo the Journey to the Water. Should they fail, and survive, they are released from service. Otherwise, they now become a Keeper, which is a catch-all term for any accepted member of The Order. A Keeper starts out as a Keeper of the First Signet, and may rise to higher signets as their superiors see fit.

Grandmaster of the Holy Order

The Grandmaster is the leader and commander-in-chief of the Holy Order. The position was first established by Malphas with Dagis as the first Grandmaster, assisted by his mother, Selna, the first Truchessa. This event is detailed in Verse LXXVII of The Path. The position of Grandmaster stands on the Fourth Signet, the highest level of the hierarchy within the Order, sharing this position only with the Truchessa. The Grandmaster has total control over the Holy Order and its troops and is revered as a religious leader overshadowed only by Malphas himself.

It is unknown if a man must always occupy the position of Grandmaster. The first Grandmaster, Dagis, and the current Grandmaster, Tealor Arantheal, are both men, and, although no restriction exists in Malphas's original definition of the position as written in The Path, a later book, The Holy Order, refers to the Grandmaster solely as "he."

A Grandmaster can choose their successor before they leave their position, usually from a high-ranked and trusted Keeper.

Truchessa of the Holy Order

The Truchessa is the second-in-command of the Holy Order, acting as an adviser for the Grandmaster. Malphas established the position with Selna as its first holder, assisting her son, Dagis, the first Grandmaster. This definition is recorded in Verse LXXVII of The Path.

It is unknown if the position of Truchessa must always be occupied by a woman. The first holder, Selna, and the current Truchessa, Natara Dal'Veram, are both women, but no restriction exists in Malphas's original definition of the position as written in The Path, and there are no sources that indicate the existence of such a restriction.

Unlike with the Grandmaster, the method of succession for the position of Truchessa is unknown, as it is also not specified in Malphas's original definition, and no other sources have shed light on the issue.

Signet Leader of the Holy Order

The Signet Leader is the third-in-command of the Holy Order, whose duties include the supervision of Novices' initiation trials for their exaltation to Keepers of the First Sigil. Unlike with the positions of Grandmaster and Truchessa, no sources indicate its establishment, but a tentative presumption is that it is a position about as old as the others and that Malphas established it.

Additionally, it is a complete mystery who was the first holder of the position of Signet Leader; its current holder is Jorek Bartarr.


The Holy Order was initially created by Light-Born Malphas to protect and serve the Light-Born. Ever since the death of the Light-Born, The Order has strived to maintain order in Enderal, denying the fact to prevent civil conflict. With the return of Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal from his prison in Nehrim, The Holy Order has shifted their focus to fight against The Cycle as its main objective. As such, The Holy Order has joined forces with their former enemies, the Nehrimese mages who defeated the Light-Born, to fight their common enemy: The High Ones.

Known Members

Direct Members

Nehrimese Allies


  • Early in development, The Holy Order was called "The Paladin Order"