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The Holy Order, it protects and reigns, from the beginning of time until the present day, adamant and unbreakable. At its apex stands the sacred light-born Malphas. All along the Order has been the driving force of Enderal, in political as well as religious regard. Its roots go back to the opening of the land, when Vyn was still young and the bygone sea was still blue and pure. The eye, in which the snake resides, is watching over everything and everyone. Its keepers in red, its arcanists in white clad, are carrying its doctrines into the world. Being the highest institution in Enderal, the eternal, clear principles of the path lay to its feet, allocating its members a steady spot below the beneficent cloak of Malphas.

Directly under the divine Malphas is the post of the Grandmaster, owning the military decisional power of Enderal's troops. His area of access ranges over outposts across several continents. He too is revered, albeit not to such a high degree as Malphas in his divinity. With the post of the seneschal, his deputy and placeholder, the Grandmaster forms the Fourth and highest Signet of the Order. Below this pinnacle of power follows the Third Signet, where the hierarchy splits into two branches, the military and the arcane, represented by the Signet Leader and the Archmagister.

A new member of the Order starts its career as a novice. Generally, only pure-blooded Endraleans, often nobles, can be approved for an entrance examination as novice and in the subsequent years they have to proof themselves in a noviciate to be allowed to ascend into the First Signet. In exceptions, examinees that qualify through particular talents are acquainted with the Order. Being such a "chosen one", it is not easy to shine among the novices with higher reputation, but some cases proof that also these ones can come a long way. Every year an examination takes place, which puts the mind strength under a hectic trial. Only the most talented novices are entitled to participate and match against each other, which is why some have to wait a very long time for this opportunity. Out of the noviciate outgrows the First Signet.

The army and the town watch are tightly interwoven into the hierarchy of the Order. Banner Masters in the Second Signet on the military path and commandants of the army stand on the same executional tier. Through this it is ensured that full control over the troops is maintained within the Order.

The clergy, impersonated by the high priest, by all means has influence in the Order, but is not incorporated into its organization. Like the troops, he is subordinate to the mighty circle of influence of the power of the Order as central organ and keeper of right, faith and regulation in Enderal.

Legal verdicts are rendered in the tribunal, an entity belonging to the Order that consists out of thirteen ambassadors of the populace. It is to be elected every five years from all layers of society.