Enderal:The Last Stone

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The Last Stone
Quest Giver: Dijaam Onêlys
Location(s): The False Dog
Prerequisite Quest: Trails in the Sand
Next Quest: Scorpion and Lion
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty02.png Very Hard
Dijaam waiting on The False Dog

Detailed Walkthrough

Protectors of the Golden Sickle, waiting at the hideout
Kiléan mercenaries, waiting at the hideout

One day after completing Trails in the Sand, a courier will deliver you a Sealed Letter from Dijam Onêlys, inviting your for a chat on The False Dog. Reading that letter initiates this quest. When you arrive there, Dijaam deny any involvement with the ambushed caravan and will ask for your help in her new plan to retrieve the Green Sacarabeaus, since the artifact being stolen nullifies any agreement that the Golden Sickle had with the Blue Islands Coalition. The plan, however, must be kept secret from Maél Dal'Loran. Here, the quest diverges: You can agree to keep it a secret, or deny and say your loyalty is always with the guild.

If you agree to keep the plan a secret, Dijaam will greatly appreciate your efforts, and tell you what she knows: An internal source has confirmed that the ambush as set up by Maél, as a way to keep both the money and the Scarabeaus. She wants you to go to the hideout of the Petrified and find evidence that links Maél to the hired assassins.

If you decline Dijaam's offer, you'll need to return to Maél and tell him that the Kiléans plan to take the Green Scarabeaus without paying. He will then inform you that an inside source has confirmed your suspicions: The Blue Islands Coalition planned the ambush so that their contract with the Golden Sickle would be nullified, and they would have both the money and the Sacabeaus. Maél wants you to find hard proof of this, and sends you a hideout where the idol will apparently be exchanged.

Either way, you'll be directed to the same location. You'll find a trapdoor on the ground leading to the hideout, locked with a novice level lock. As you enter the hideout, mind the tripwire that triggers a flailing mace. You'll soon find two enemies, which will be Protectors of the Sickle if you sided with Dijaam, or Kiléan Mercenaries if you sided with Maél. One of the enemies manages to get away before being completely killed, but the other dies during the fight. Open the chest and you'll find the Message of the Sickle, if you sided with Dijaam, or the Message, if you sided with Maél. Either way, the message will confirm your suspicions that the other party planned the ambush.

As soon as you read the message, this quest will end, and Scorpion and Lion will begin.