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The Prophet
(Ref ID: player)
Race any Gender any
Path Pathless Job -
Essential No Form ID -
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Level - Health -
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The Prophet is the playable character (PC) in Enderal. The Prophet is an emissary who aids The Order in their quest to stop The Cleansing.

The Narrator describes the Prophet's narrative as "The story of someone who wanted to be free."


Although not much is said about The Prophet's origin, it is known that they were born in Nehrim with a Nehrimese father and foreign mother (whose origin can be chosen at the character creation screen). At some unknown point in the past their family was murdered by a group of masked men from the Creator's Temple in Ostian (the capital city of Nehrim's Southrealm), who placed the blame on The Prophet. This, together with the Civil War on Nehrim, caused their escape to Enderal.

Recurring Nightmares

The Prophet suffers from recurring nightmares about their childhood home and the death of their family. These dreams often feature Daddy as as an antagonist. Images and words from the nightmare recur through the game sequence, which contributes to the game's overall dark aesthetic. The images, sequences, and meta-narrative of the dreams can reveal insight onto diverse aspects of the Prophet's personality, including:

  • fear of death
  • feelings of inadequacy
  • conflict about killing
  • unconscious insight into being Fleshless
  • survivor's guilt
  • memories of domestic abuse
  • questions of autonomy and destiny
  • questions about reality
  • premonitions of the Cleansing

Shrine on the Sea

As a Fleshless One, the Prophet has the power to learn abilities at a supernatural rate. As the Prophet explores (levels up), the Prophet unlocks memories (perks and powers) by investing Memory Points at the various stones in the Prophet's meditation realm (the Shrine at the Sea).

In game, the sea in the meditation realms is likely the Sea of Eventualities as such. Similarly, the stone monoliths on the island are also likely the actual memories and skills of other Prophets during previous iterations of the Cycle.

The Shrine on the Sea can also be interpreted using Jungian psychology. The sea is the unconscious mind and the collective unconscious, possibly even the undifferentiated chaos that exists before consciousness. The player-character walking on the island can be described as one's personhood, the innate self-ness which exists prior to encountering the world context. The stone pillars are the Archetypes by which one inhabits and shapes one's identity, which one can follow like grooves in the life context.


There are three main options to choose at the end-game sequence.

  • Brave New World: You and your love interest escape to the Starling City to make a life together and guide the next iteration of humanity so they can avoid the Cleansing. Although it is unstated, it is possible that the supernatural influence on your beloved may give them immortality or an extended life expectancy like you.
  • Catharsis: You sacrifice yourself to stop the Cleansing in its tracks, giving the other continents a chance to learn from Ederal's mistakes. In the Prophet's final moments, they return in their mind to their childhood home, and this time encounter four tomb stones. In touching the tomb stones, the Prophet releases (or obtains) the last wish that kept them bound to this world. As the Prophet fades away, they hear the voice of their beloved spreading the truth about the Cleansing in the hope to avert it next time.
  • Catharsis (Dreamflower Elixer version): If the Prophet takes the Dreamflower Elixer and opts for the Catharsis path, then they actually survive their attempt to stop the Cleansing from spreading. Their recurring nightmare returns in its most horrifying version yet. Then they awake in a foreign land weeks later with their beloved. Not all things are well, but there is hope to make a better future. It is unclear whether this ending is an illusion brought on by the Dreamflower; in the best-case scenario, the Dreamflower potion extracted the best outcome from other eventualities and made it real for you.