Enderal:The Shards of Order, Part II

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The Shards of Order, Part II
Location(s): The City of a Thousand Floods
Prerequisite Quest: The Shards of Order, Part I
Next Quest: Fleshless


  • Find the City of a Thousand Floods
  • Force your way to the gateway
  • Talk with Tealor about the vision
  • Follow Tealor
  • Find a way to open the Temple's gateway
  • Find the Pyrean Beacon
  • Find fragments of the last Cleansing to elicit the Echo
  • Extract the Numinos

Journal Entries

Arantheal's plan worked: We managed to get to the Undercity through the old shafts and from there to the tunnels which Sha'Rim described. Chaos rules the Undercity - the Nehrimese are plundering and murdering as if they went mad. Now we can only hope that the tunnels really get us to the City of a Thousand Floods - or what is remaining of it - and that we can find the "Numinos" there.
After the High Ones' attack
While we found the City of a Thousand Floods and the temple in which the Beacon should be according to Aranatheal [sic] but we had to leave (Non-Injured Companion) behind in an attack of the High Ones. Now Arantheal, Sha'Rim and I have to find the Beacon in the Pyrean temple - and then summon the memory of the last Cleansing.
After the quest is finished
Everything descends into chaos. While we managed to summon the High One and could use the Word of the Dead to dive into its consciences but instead of putting the Numinos in the container for the Beacon Sha'Rim turned out to be the traitor who went against us from the very beginning. The reason for his betrayal was Arantheal himself who was responsible for a massacre called the "Night of a Thousand Fires" in which Yuslan's family was killed. Yuslan destroyed the Numinos, in turn killing himself and any hope for humanity. However Arantheal doesn't want to give up: He plans to ignite the Beacon without the Numinos - which would result in an explosion destroying half of Enderal but also stopping Coarek's armies - a price he is willing to pay. He believes that other countries in this world can build another Beacon and succeed on what we failed.


The High Ones, revealing Arantheal's dark past.
The Pyrean Beacon.
Inside the mind of a High One.

The City

This quest will begin automatically after you enter the tunnel Yuslan Sha'Rim cleared in The Shards of Order, Part I. Make your way through the Lost Ones being controlled by the High Ones, and you'll finally reach The City of a Thousand Floods. You'll experience a vision, in which you'll learn that the same that is happening to you has happened to the Pyreans: A traitor opened the gates of their capital to a bloodthirsty general looking to eradicate all those connected to religion. This causes Grandmaster Tealor Arantheal to rush forward, citing that he's sure you are the first ones to ever be so close to lighting the Beacon to end it all.

As you near the temple, the High Ones will contact you, and reveal a deep secret about Arantheal: He was in a blasphemous relationship with Light-Born Irlanda, from which Narathzul Arantheal was born. Revealing this relationship, however, would be devastating to his career inside The Order, so instead he chose to deny the child and give him to one of Irlanda's servants. After this message, they will summon minions to block your path.

Fight your way through the High Ones' minions and you'll reach the temple's gates. Before you can break it open, however, the High Ones will summon a dragon, which attacks you, causing the temple's entrance to fall down, knocking you unconscious for a little while. After you wake up, the Grandmaster will tell you that the rocks fell right on top of your companion, but because the path is blocked, you can't know their fate yet. Press on forward, towards the Pyrean Beacon.

The Beacon

You'll now have to find five items around the beacon that trigger memories of the past iteration of The Cycle. These items are easily recognizable, as they glow in a bright yellow shimmer. They are:

  • An Ancient Helmet next to the North pillar at the end of the hallway through which you came.
  • An Old Sword to the Northeast of the Beacon, near the wall.
  • A Dull Stone to the North of the Beacon, right next to the stairs on the Beacon.
  • Another Dull Stone to the South of the Beacon, on top of the rubble that fell on top of the stairs.
  • A third Dull Stone to the East of the Beacon, right next to the stairs on which the Word of the Dead was put.

Taking the items will make you see familiar scenes: The discovery of the beacon, the discovery of the Numinos, a traitor that let the enemy into the capital, and a bloodthirsty general bent on destroying everything related to religiosity. After taking all items, you will summon the memory of the High One, and Yuslan will use the Word of the Dead, allowing you to enter its mind.

The Truth

Inside the memory, however, the truth is revealed: Yuslan was the one that hired the mercenaries to destroy The Order's research in Old Dothûlgrad, he was the one that killed Lishari Peghast after she found that out, he was the one that led the Nehrimese into the city's gates. And he did all that because there, in the Night of a Thousand Fires, where Tealor slaughtered his family, he swore he would have his revenge, he swore that he would be the one to take everything away from Arantheal. After this revelation, Yuslan will explode in a Kamikaze attack, taking the Word of the Dead and the Essence of the High One with him.

You'll be booted out of the High One's mind, knocked into the ground, unable to move. Tealor, however, seems to be in better condition than you, as he is taunted by the High Ones, possessing Yuslan's body, telling him how he has failed. Arantheal then has one final idea: Light the Beacon without a Numinos, to generate a massive explosion that will destroy Ark, and take Taranor Coarek and his army with it. Citing that you would be a burden given your condition, he leaves you for dead on goes on his merry way. Just as you are about to fall unconscious and presumably die, however, the Veiled Woman appears and heals you. This quest will then end, and Fleshless will begin.


  • The subtitles of the vision you see after entering The City of a Thousand Floods may get stuck on screen, overriding all other subtitles. Saving and reloading takes them off-screen, but no other subtitle will show either, even if you try to disable and re-enable them in the settings. This bug will end once the dragon knocks you unconscious.