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Note: This article is about the position inside The Holy Order. For the current Truchessa, see Natara Dal'Veram.

The Truchessa is the second-in-command in The Holy Order, acting as an advisor for the Grandmaster. The position was established by Malphas with Selna as the first to occupy the position, assisting her son, Dagis, the first Grandmaster. This definition is recorded in the Verse LXXVII of The Path.

It is unknown if the position of Truchessa must always be occupied by a woman. The only two known Truchessas, Selna and Natara Dal'Veram, are women, but no restriction exists in Malphas' original definition of the position as written in The Path, and no sources indicate that such a restriction was ever created.

The method of succession for the position is also unknown, as it is also not specified in Malphas' original definition, and no other sources have shed light on the issue.