Enderal:Two Souls, Part I

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Calia, telling The Prophet about her past.
Two Souls, Part I
Quest Giver: Calia Sakaresh
Location(s): Sun Temple's Curarium
Prerequisite Quest: Part of Something Momentous, Part II
Next Quest: Two Souls, Part II
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Very Easy


  • Come to know Calia better

Journal Entries

The young Keeper Calia Sakaresh seems to have an unusual past - the novice Dunwar called her a "witch" and accused her of being a wild mage. Maybe I should approach her in the right moment to ask about that.
Quest completed
In a long conversation Calia revealed that she is a foundling - even more, the first memory of her life is that she awoke in a destroyed village. She escaped the men who blamed her for the destruction and fled to the Ark Undercity where a high ranking Keeper found and adopted her. In defiance of her abilities she is splitting the Temple: Some think that she is "pathless", not least because of the strange event in the village.
Quest failed
I decided against approaching Calia for her past. Whatever the novice Dunwar meant in the Wisperwoods - it will stay a secret.


This quest can be started right after the end of Part of Something Momentous, Part II, by talking with Calia, who is standing right next to the bed you wake up at. You'll ask Calia about the reason for Dunwar having called her a "witch", to which she'll answers with the story of her early life. Calia will explain how the earliest memories she has are waking up in midst of a village, while it burned. A priest had found her unconscious on the forest a few days earlier, which lead the villagers to believe she was the one that put the village on fire. Even as she fled to Ark, the rumors followed her. That, joined with the fact she was Pathless, meant she was doomed to live forever on the rags of the Undercity.

That is, however, if a highly-ranked Keeper of The Order hadn't found her and taken her in his own custody into the Order's Scuela. There she became a devoted follower of the Order's ideals, which lead to her admission to the trial to become a Keeper, where her path and The Prophet's joined.

If you fail to ask Calia about her past before beginning Part of Something Momentous, Part III, this quest will automatically fail and you'll be locked out of Two Souls, Part II, and, consequently, all other Two Souls quests, failing Calia's questline.