Enderal:Two Souls, Part III

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Calia waits for The Prophet
Two Souls, Part III
Quest Giver: Automatic
Location(s): Sun Temple
Prerequisite Quest: The Lion's den
Next Quest: Two Souls, Part IV
Rewards: 300EP
Difficulty: EN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.pngEN-Quest-Ornament-Difficulty01.png Very Easy

Quest Information

NPCs: Calia Sakaresh


  • Search for Calia in the Temple

Journal Entries

Calia will be relieved to hear that Jespar and I safely arrived in Enderal. I should speak to her once I have the chance to. I can probably find her in the Temple.


After making it to Ark, you will find Calia looking over it next to the Temple Quarters. Talk to her.

Sympathy points:

After she expresses feeling powerless:

  • You can't expect everyone to be as idealistic as you are. In the end, we're all responsible only for ourselves. (-5)
  • Yeah... Too well... (+10)

After she apologises for her ramblings:

  • That's allright. I just think you need someone to cheer you up from time to time (+10)
  • Don't be. I actually think the world could use more people like you. (+5)
  • No need to be. I enjoy our talks. (+10)

After she asks about your compliments:

  • I was only joking around, don't worry (-15)
  • Because I like you. Is that a problem? (+10)