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Veiled Woman
(Ref ID: Various)
Race Various Gender Female
Path N/A Job N/A
Essential Yes Form ID Various
Location Various
EN-NPC-The Veiled Woman.png
Level 10 Health 250
Magicka 250 Stamina 250

Poor, lost souls. The probabilities have turned against you

— Veiled WomanA New Life

The Veiled Woman is a mysterious character that appears on key points during Enderal's story.

The veiled Woman is a key character in the story of Enderal who appears at several occasions, most notably in the beginning and the end of the game. She appears as a manifestation of Eventualities as she often speaks of different outcomes and that "the first beat of a wing must happen".

Although described by The Black Guardian as someone without feelings or a mind of her own, she has expressed emotion and desire more than one time. During the beginning of the game, she expresses regret for having to hurt you, and later in the game she states her discomfort with people seeing her as a force of destruction, and wishes to change your view of her, thus showing a will of her own. When asked if she can see the other branches of reality, she replies with "Yes" but further says that it isn't much of a feat considering what she is, meaning she might be unable to change whatever she sees.


It could be that the Emmissaries are created by the Veiled Woman, as she is the one speaking to you as you are revived both times - once in the Red Sea and the second time in the pyrean temple in The City of a Thousand Floods: "Breathe". Which also means she is the cause of the endless Cycle. When speaking with the High Ones on the Halfmoon Isle, they tell you that you aren't special, but only were in the wrong place at the wrong time making their task easier. This likely implies that they didn't make you an Emmissary, but rather just a coincidence, something the Veiled Woman is acting on by duty, hinted by when she tells you that her actions are necessary for the Eventualities to fall in place when encountering her in Rocio's Ship. The Black Guardian also tells you that the beginning of the Cycle was a very logical outcome. However, her recent actions based on her own will was much to the Black Guardian's surprise, as he has observed her for many Cycles but never seen her show any emotion or free will, and her actions led to changing or potentially breaking the Cycles.

It is a possibility that the aftermath of Nehrim, killing the messenger of fate (Sarantha) and destroying the book of predestination led to either you or the Veiled Woman having their own will thus leading to the Cycle taking an unexpected turn.

She also describes the Emmissaries and High Ones as merely pawns in a game, and herself being something much above that.

There will be a sidequest in the upcoming DLC "Forgotten Stories" shedding some light on the Veiled Woman's background.

Technical Data

There are actually three versions of the Veiled Woman in Enderal's data, only two of which are used:

Form ID Race Usage RefID(s) Editor Name
000EAD9F Kiléan Angel 000EADF5 _00E_MQ11a_SC25_VeiledWoman
00117FE1 Qyranian (Not Used) - _00E_MQ11b_VeiledWoman
0007B8D8 Endralean A New Life 0007BB5D _50E_VeiledWoman
All the Dead Souls 00117FE2


The Veiled Woman usually only appears to The Prophet, the one exception being in the beginning of the game on Rocio's Ship when she appears to both The Prophet and Sirius. In all of her appearances, she speaks to The Prophet about certain events that have unfolded, either throughout the entire story or mere minutes ago, and tells of how these events are one of the many possible eventualities of the world of Enderal. Specifically, she elaborates on The Prophet's importance in all of these things. Even though she doesn't speak about many different things, she still manages to be considerably vague in the way she actually describes them, usually leaving one who is playing the game for the first time confused as to what she is saying or referencing.

The Veiled Woman could be considered a guardian angel of sorts, except she does not protect The Prophet out of love or admiration, but rather necessity so that the specific eventuality the game takes place in can be carried out.


Pickpocketed Items

The Veiled Woman can't be pickpocketed.